SnG HUD in a mess on PokerHeaven

    • Mantelo
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      When I open many SnG tables on PokerHeaven, the HUD appears only on the 1st one. For other tables I use Table finder as it was shown in instructions and HUD really starts on other tables then but they are in a mess. They are shown not on correct tables. Moreover, after the hand is finished, new HUDs appear but they are still from wrong tables. Seems like they are running on a circle. At least HUD shows proper information once in 6 times if I play 6 tables :) )

      Moreover, those SnG are worth 5 euros but in Reports they are shown as 10 euros :f_eek:
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    • netsrak
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      The problem is that all tables have the same name. There is nothing we can do about it at the moment. The Hud only works on 1 table per name.

      For the wrong buyin info please send us the original hands for some sample tourneys (you find them under c:\hm2archive) and screenshots with the wrong info in HEM2.
      Please zip the files and send them with link to this thread to