can i install pt4 on same pc that has hem1 already installed

    • JohnJames97
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      I play mainly tournaments and multi table sit and go's.

      I have an older computer dell optiplex 745.

      From what i've read HEM2 would not run well on an older system such as mine.

      Therefore i was wanting to install the pt4 trial on my pc, on which i currently have HEM1 installed.

      Would this work, or will it create problems ?

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    • VorpalF2F
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      I once had HEM 1 and PT 3 installed together (trial versions)
      I was using 32-bit XP at the time.

      The two will use the same database service, but different databases.
      Trying to run both at once might be a problem, but otherwise it should be fine.\

    • PokerTracker
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      Poker Tracker 4 and HEM's products use the same PostgreSQL back end database, PokerTracker 4 can detect that PostgreSQL is already installed and even use the same default password that you used when installing HEM. As VorpalF2F mentioned it is best to not run HEM at the same time while you are using PokerTracker 4. An additional benefit to switching to PokerTracker 4 is that you can import your HEM databases into PT4, this way you have all of your historical data with you at all times.