large field turbo mtts a waste of time?

    • tommygecko
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      There's very little room for you to exploit your skill edge in these IMO. You have to suckout a few times to win in any tourney because of the large fields and there's not enough postflop play because stacks get short quickly so there's quite a large luck factor. It's pretty much like a lottery except it's more fun.

      My opinion is to treat these like an occasional shot at a huge bankroll boost, while your main grind should be in cash/sngs/normal speed mtts.

      I'm looking for someone to convince me that I'm wrong. lol.
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    • Asaban
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      In general I can confirm, that most regulars won't have big ROI's in Turbo tournaments. Quite a lot of players are even playing them with a negative ROI.

      Your skill edge is by far less important and therefore the tournaments are more suitable for weaker players, because their disadvantage is smaller.

      In a normal MTT schedule Turbo's should be a very small part of the daily schedule that you play. You should play them mostly to fill up your tables when you reach the end of your registration cycle.

      For example: If you register tournaments between 7pm and 12pm and bust out of some tournament at 11:30pm it makes sense to fill this space with a turbo tournament in order to keep your session in a reasonable timeframe.

      If you have the choice to play tournaments with a normal structure and turbo tournaments you should most likely decide to play the normal structure.

      An exeption would be the small turbo tournaments or mtsng turbo's (180s). The field sizes are small enough to have a big enough edge while the variance won't be too high.

    • metza
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      I would think that you'd actually have a decent edge from solid push/fold/call ranges compared to the other players.
      Of course it would take a lot of volume and there is a lot of luck involved but that doesn't mean there is no skill edge.
      The fact that they take less time is a balance that helps you put in the volume needed to cancel out the luck factor.
    • GlitlrPS
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      They are definitely not a game to play by themselves. Mixed in, they can be fine.

      I was fortunate enough to win 2 big field turbo MTTs when I played. One of them I got really lucky and the other one I won on pure skill. I didn't get all in once at the final table. was looooooooovely.
    • davidgod
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      i like to play turbo for couples of reasons.
      1 it is quick, i don't want to play a tournament which might last for more than 10 hours which would interupt my sleeps.

      2 play turbo you can open more tables.

      3 it is quick, which safe your time.

      4 i play more comfortably with bb less than 20, the normal mtt though you can make a higher roi, but sometimes because i am lack of experience in those mtts , i am not comfortable about 4beting light . so i don;t have edge on those mtt reg.
      but when it comes to under 20bb, i think i have an edge against average reg.