table-selection for a shot on bwin-party

    • rocco762
      Joined: 23.04.2009 Posts: 167
      how should I select the tables for a shot without plrs/flop filter?
      Should I buy hands played on the limit I aim for, and use table scan turbo?
      Is there any other way? how efficient is this method? How many hands should I buy? Is it ok to buy a bulk, or I should opt in for monthly mailing?
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    • franeczek
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      I don't use table scan turbo but table scanner and simply I am looking firstly for the known fish and then for every 1 tabler. Additionally after a while you will recoginze most of the regs so if there is someone you don't recognize it is highly possible he/she is a fish. Same if someone doesn't use the rebuy feature and or has a stack higher than 50bb and less than 100bb.