Can't get HEM1/2 to work on Unibet

    • Horroroids
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      Hey guys,

      I've followed the setup guides on the HEM FAQ and have tried everything that has worked in the past on other rooms, but I can't get it to work. I see the hands being imported on the import tab of HEM1 so I guess the problem isn't there. However I can't find my Unibet userscreen in the list so the info apparently doesn't get processed. Also when I open the Unibet HHs in my HEM archive it's just files called eg 1350LastSession and in it only: Sun Feb 10 13:50:16 2013: MPPoker - Session Terminated.

      So it seems that the HH files are in fact empty? I've played on microgaming before on a non affilliate site and my HUD worked fine there. Should I contact their support for this or is there an option on the site that I missed?
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