Help with my new outlook on poker...

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      Hi All!

      Placed this in SnG discussion as that's the format of game I love and I'm sticking with it. I know that CG will prob bring more profit in the long run but it doesn't really hold my interest. After leaving poker alone for a long time I've started playing again and actually enjoying it. Bad run had beat me down until playing was just a frustrating waste of time for me.

      Been through all the novice guides and tests that I could find but there may be more. Does anyone know a way to test skill? Would it just be a matter of posting hands and getting feedback on my play? That's all I can think of. Now I'll occasionally win a coin-flip, most of the time I'm winning my AK vs A5 situations and now and then I actually suck out. A month ago I was resigned to the fact that I will lose no matter what the odds but now pulling myself out of it.

      Now it's just a matter of putting in time and getting over the low stakes that I'm playing at. Started my poker adventure about 3 yrs ago; put $400 in an account, built it up to over $600 and it's been all downhill since. Currently have about $90 in there. It's still going down but much more slowly. I'm winning hands and can get to the money, so poker's become interesting again. Playing $2.25 FR tourney's on FT and am playing a little bit almost everyday. I would have to run like a god to get back to where I started.

      Am I playing the right game? Starting to think I would be better off playing only MTTs, variance higher but pay off is better. What do you think?

      Mind state is something that's a blockade for me. To my mind, profit is the only real way to judge a playing so obviously, I have to be terrible at the game. My time playing poker has been like playing a video game, having all your progress undone and needing to start playing from earlier checkpoints each time. Put in a couple of hours of play and I have got no further. Hell, playing for years and making no progress. Now that I'm having some fun playing, things have changed and I'm much more up for it...but there is a sense of futility.

      Maybe this should have been in general discussion? Moderator, do what you will! Any ideas of what the best thing for me would be much appreciated. Good luck on the tables!
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      No, it's fine just here! And hello from me. The answer is actually shorter than what you might expect. What you need to do is simple-read all the articles available for SnGs. Then watch all the vids for the format you play, then start posting everyhand that you are unsure about, read other people's hand. Buy HEM/WIZ and use em daily to analyze your game. After a few thousands of games-say 3k at a certain BI level-check the EV line and see how it goes. I know that it doesn't work properly on FT though. Do sw. sessions with some of your friends and try influence your game/see the things from a different perspective. 2 brains usually work better than one.

      Overall, I think you should be playing what makes you happy. Money is important and I would never disagree, but your will to improve will be so much higher when you do something you like compared to when you do something you "must". At the end hard work overcomes talent, when talent doesn't work hard :) Same with poker. You can be talented, but being diligent and dedicated pays off much more frequently than a talent that never used it's potential to the highest extend.
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      Hi Kurrkabin, thanks so much for the reply. Software is def something that I've had in mind and loved playing with HEM but it's so expensive. My BR's not much more than buying it - so I'm guessing it's bad BRM to buy it. Anything free that you think may help.
      Analysing my game is something that I want to start doing but I do that often without the software. Hands play on my mind and I can decide if I'm doing the right thing. It's feedback from other players that I'm not seeking...that's a problem. Will have to get software to help me post hands, downloaded Elephant a while back but couldn't get it to work.
      Focus is something else. What I'm thinking is that I should assign a certain amount of time to play and just do it. Lately I'll just bring up a couple of SnGs and if I catch a bad beat or even if I don't win a flip, the urge to play fades. Mind you, I just played three 9-handed SnGs and cashed first in all. Played for about an hour and a half and have had enough.
      If I'm going to make profit, how many one-table SnGs do you reckon I should be playing per hour? Multi-tabling's got to be essential. Time to start working hard at poker as I play too casually to improve my BR.
      Gave CGs a go again but I just can't get motivated behind then. With my BR I can only play NL5 comfortably and most of the time it's just stealing 7 cents. No patience for that. I hear a good CG player can expect to win 17bb per hour, not an exciting prospect at these levels :) . Feel that I understand SnGs better but certainly could use more time working on post-flop play.