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all ins

    • vinn25RNMD
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 8
      don't u hate it when some people just keep goign all in all in well i catch him he has 4 6 off i have ace jack spades flop coems 993 next card 4 lol the river not an ace or a jack sucks all your work down the drain was about 20k in chips he was like 80 k on to the next tourney i guess ehh i usally wouldnt call all in with ace jack but to a person who is shoving every hand what do i do i dont know do i call with ace jack agasint him ???
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    • Pr0teus
      Joined: 09.12.2010 Posts: 416
      Originally posted by vinn25RNMD
      keep goign all in all in (...) i catch him (...) 46 off i have ace jack spades(...) was about 20k in chips he was like 80 k(...)
      hi there
      u need to post more info about the hand for u to get a decent comment, never the less, AJs vs a 4x stack there are indeed some factors to consider a call

      1.kind torney// buy-in
      2.blinds level // number of big blinds;
      3.position in table;
      4. FR ou SH
      5. tourney stage - early- medium - late/itm - FT

    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,180
      It comes down to one suggestion: Think less result oriented!

      If a player pushes every hand and you are holding AJ being last to act, you obviously have to call his allin.

      If he is really pushing any two cards you are ahead with 64% equity against his 36%:

             Equity     Win     Tie
      MP2    36.41%  35.38%   1.03% { zufällig }
      MP3    63.59%  62.55%   1.03% { AJo }

      Sure, in the end he will win in 36% of the times, but since you win the majority of the showdowns you still have to call. There is no way your edge could ever be big enough to give up on a 64% equity spot.

      In the end you should be really happy with his play as well as with yours. The outcome might not be what you were looking for. Still you have been doing everything right, while your opponent did everything wrong. This is exactly what you want.

      You sure don't want opponents that play perfectly according to calculations and think about what they are doing all the time. This is not where your money comes from.