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[NL2-NL10] steal against ss

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    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      I think it's profitable to steal against short stack strategy players, because they're so tight, but you have to have stats or reads on him that he's really a SSS player and not just shortstacked player, because if he's a loose player it won't end up good for you with a hand like that...

      ...btw, did you post stats, because I cannot see any?
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,268
      no dont have hud am very sure he was applying sss though.
    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      Then it's a nice steal, but be careful to not overplay hands like this in case you get called or reraised.

      I used to implement some steals before I got myself a HUD too and for me it didn't work too well, so I would suggest to you to just stick to the basic strategy untill you get the HUD or move up in limits, because when stealing without stats lead to mistakes. However, this were my experiences, maybe it will work good for you.
    • ysessa
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 1,331
      Hi jmackenzie,

      when you are sure he plays sss then you can steal any2 but not any time. He will start to play back, maybe you should only raise 3bb against a shorty he cant call anyway and you have to fold against a push, but that's a little bit advance. you should start stealing with better hands when you want to play a little bit advanced like at,a9,qj,qt,t9,kj,kt.

      Best Regards

    • Gerv
      Joined: 07.05.2008 Posts: 17,678
      Originally posted by jmackenzie
      no dont have hud am very sure he was applying sss though.
      You can add stats via Elephant in the hand. Just click on stacks & the button stats in the Hand section ;)

      Hands-> left click on a hand -> Bottom right side of Elephant you see Stats Stacks Results and bunch of other options. Click on Stacks & Stats and voila you see the stats.
    • xponentx
      Joined: 10.02.2008 Posts: 341
      I tend to do a lot of stealing against SSS players. One thing I do that is quite handy is to only ever raise 3BB if you're open-raising from late position, regardless of whether it's a true steal of it you have a strong hand. That way, it's not so obvious that it's a steal, and I don't think you lose any fold equity with 3BB vs 4BB, so if you get raised, you've saved yourself 1BB.