zoom buddy NL25+

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      mainly im a 180/mtt turbo player (8s,3re; mtts up to hot 16) but if i dont have enough time im playing zoom (nl10) or regular cg (nl20 with selection).

      would be really nice if someone who plays nl25+ likes to do like exchange sweatings (especially zoom because in mtts the game isnt that based on stats as on zoom i think - non zoom players who are rly good would obv be nice aswell, but if u beat nl25 with table selecting really much & you play like 2 or maybe 4 tables i dont think it would improve my game that much).
      modell: i sweat your shortstack game (45players+) and u sweat my deepstack game (cashgame)

      -turbo mtsng/mtt player
      -searching zoom nl25+ players who sweat my zoom session (if u play non-zoom read above)
      -offering shortstack/turbo sweat in exchange

      @mods: Maybe you should first read the article before you close the thread ! IT INSN'T ABOUT COACHING IN CONNECTION WITH MONEY AT ALL. JUST ABOUT SWEATING EACH OTHER ; DOING U2U
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