How to plug huge leaks efficent?

    • TobZero
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      Hello to everyone,

      as i passed my first 10k played hands today i made myself on a search for my worst leak and i didnt have to look very long for it.
      I have a serious problem playing AKo. And by serious i mean its a unbelivable fucking huge leak that could drain every ocean on this planets in seconds. It makes up 95% of my losses.
      Net Won overall: -22,71€
      Net Won AKo: -22.62€

      2 screenshots of my Results Graph:

      #1 every hand played except AKo

      #2 every hand played including AKo

      I really need to stop playing this hand so totaly mindless and shitty.
      How should i mentaly and actually approach this situation?

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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey TobZero,

      It's good that you've managed to find a leak that is costing you a fair amount of $! The best way to plug this one would be to find all those AK hands where you're losing a decent amount and post them for evaluation in our Hand Evaluation Boards, our Hand Judges can hen tell you if you're playing them wrong, if you're over playing them or just getting unlucky.

      I would also imagine that your play with AK is not the only leak you have, even if you have a small sample of 10k. So posting all sorts of hands you're playing would be incredibly valuable also.
    • TobZero
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      ok! after crawling through more filter options and thinking about potential bad play that is -EV i think i found the actuall leak with the hand:

      Now my main question remains: How to plug this efficently.
      I know i shouldnt play that way in that situation and activly searching for it will make it more present to my mind when im in that situation again.
      Any other ways to make my minb always remember to not play that way in those situations?
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Now my main question remains: How to plug this efficently.

      Stop Bluffing.

      Think about why you're betting.

      When you bet, are you making any better hands fold? If not, are you getting value for worse hands?

      Again, post these hands for our Judges to evaluate, after having a quick look at the hands myself, you will benefit from it!
    • TobZero
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      Hi Matt,

      I posted all hands in the evaluation forum :)

      regarding the bluffing:
      in most situation when i have nothing i remember the dont bluff rule and just fold my hand.
      what i didnt realize before going thorugh those hands that i didnt apply that way of thinking to high value hands. when i completly miss the flop i used to think
      "oh well i still have 2very good cards and showed strength preflop so my chances to win are still good"
      obvious this is bad. i dont hold a made hand and i should asume that anyone following me to the flop must have either a pocketpair and is set mining or has himself a very strong hand (excluding bluffing for now).

      the proper way to play should be to completly rethinking my hand and letting the mindset go that highcards equal good hands. i shouldnt hope for cards on turn/river to make my hand but think about how the villian already could have made his hand on the flop considering range and line of play!
      its gabling at "high stakes" to continue playing unmade hands, hoping to hit one of my poor 6 outs to make top pair .....

      Thank you for pushing me on a +EV mindset reguarding my problem hands !!
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      As long as you're aware of the problem you'll be able to fix it. It may take a day or even a week but you should get there soon enough.

      Just say that phrase everytime you're betting and eventually it'll be second nature.

      I've just checked some of your hands myself and they have been judged already! If there is anything your unsure abut within the Evaluation just reply to their post and click "Advise the judge of taking another look at this thread" then then same Judge will return and answer your question.

      Also, something that I've started to do myself is writing down bullet points in a Word Document from my evaluations. It can be difficult to soak up alot of the advice when posting multiple hands so writing them down and repeating them before each season helps you to remember.
    • bennisboy
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      You're over playing the hand.

      If you don't hit on the flop, and there are no draws giving you extra equity, you only have six outs. Either take it down with a cbet, or cbet and give up on the turn if you don't improve.

      At the end of the day, all you have is ace high
    • Vip3rNZ
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      i'd even consider only 3bet vs very fishy looking players and otherwise just flat preflop. and fold it to 3bets unless its a huge fish and then just get it in preflop
    • GlitlrPS
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      Find the hands where you lose the most, and seek patterns. If there are patterns, there is your leak:) . Hope this helps.

    • metza
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      Ok, its pretty clear you are just betting blindly and not paying any attention to how well the flop connects with the other player's range.

      For example, when you had AK, the first hand in that picture.

      You raised pre - that's standard

      The flop came QJ3 and you cbet, not terrible because we still have a bit of equity, but often this flop will give opponent at least a draw or pair, which they aren't folding, but cbet is still fine.

      The turn comes 3, and you decide to barrel again. Why? Can you explain what reasoning led you to do this? Your opponent has demonstrated strength by calling the flop, yet you bet into them with anywhere from 4-10 outs, meaning you will AT BEST have the best hand ~20% of rivers unless your opponent is also drawing, as well as massive reverse implied odds if your opponent has KJ/KQ/AJ/AQ/T9/KT all of which he can very easily have.

      Now for the river - after check/calling twice, your opponent bets. He is obviously holding a strong hand here (or at least by his perception strong eg. he might be a fish and think Q7 is strong here) but the point is he's NOT folding here ever. So why on earth are you check-raising ace high?

      This situation is so obviously avoidable, it is so clear you are beat and that opponent is not folding.

      Many of these hands show the pattern of multiple Q-9 cards on the flop and turn which often will hit opponents hand at least decently, which just means you have to have an awareness of what your opponents calling range is. If the flop hits their range strongly, its perfectly fine to check/fold.

      So just consider your opponents hand range, and how actions they take narrow their range.

      Hope this heps :f_biggrin: