[NL2-NL10] AKo costing plenty $$

    • TobZero
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      im here to stop losing so much money with AKo.
      After i played my first 10k hands i went through my HH to find my worst.

      AKo are the bane of my whole play atm. They make up about ~90% of my losses.
      through my own research i found out that most of my mistakes are made when playing AKo OOP without beeing Allin preflop and holding only 2 overcards on the flop. Here is a screenshot of those hands:

      Could you tell me which of those hands i should post seperate for you to review?

      My own guess is that on all hands i should have checked the flop and folded to any bet and only called further steets if i improved my hand on turn/river without the board showing a flush or straight draw.

      Thanks for your time :)

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    • kymupa
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      I can't really take much without seeing the hands action.

      So I can suggest you to post the hands you find most annoying (and even if you post them all there will be no problem since they are only 14).

      From what can I see you probably tend to overplay ace high hands and one pair hands.

      PS: It's better to post them in separate threads in order to not forget to talk about some of the spots because of the others.

    • CPallo
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      Definitely post them here so the community can tell you what went wrong. AK is a leak hand for many :/