Alexd10 gets to $1 million

    • Alexd10
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      Did I get your attention?

      Well im not at a million yet maybe in about 100 years lol

      Anyway a quick introduction, my names Alex, im 19 and live in the south of England. Im a student at university and am trying to reduce my debt aswell as working a day job. I try to play when I get back from work and at the moment am playing at Titan Poker.

      I started off with 85 Euros ($133 titan insist on having my br in euros and won't change it without completely changing my account). So I began with $2 sng's, went down slightly to begin with but then worked up and got to $150 enough for me to move up to the $5 sng's. This started off well then I began to have a pretty bad downswing (see PT graph), I then moved back down to the $2 sng's and thats where I am at present.

      My aim is to move up as quickly as possible and everytime I double my br I will take half the profits out, this basically means I can enjoy some of my hard work while maintaining my br.

      Here are my first 2 weeks of work.


      :spade: To get back up to $5 sng's
      :spade: To make my first cash out
      :spade: To compete in a 20 Man sng Done
      :spade: To win a 20 man sng

      So here we are, im going to try and update it every few days/week.

      BR: $117.54

      Feel free to post any advice, comments or words of encouragement :D
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    • cannell555
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      Hey, Everyone has bad swings. Playing the way you are (I watched a session of his), you will beat these limits. Just remember to keep focused at all times, and think about every decision you make. I am sure over a bigger sample size that you will be making money on these limits. 120 games is no samplesize at all.

      Just be sure to read the articles, watch the videos and coachings, and most important imo is post hands (no sarcastic comments on how I dont post hands plz people). Also dont ever be afraid to ask questions on the forums (some new members are).

      If ya need any help gimme a shout on IRC.
    • jmackenzie
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      Hey nice to see another English guy here goodluck with the goals are you really aiming for $1mill? the sitngoes are pretty fishy on titan so im sure youll get through it well gl anyways
    • Alexd10
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      Hey jmackenzie, Im not specifically aiming to get $1mill that was just to get peoples attention, however im trying to increase my BR as much as possible, so maybe :D
      Thanks for the encouragement guys.
    • Alexd10
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      Ok here goes, i've had a pretty bad run recently, I don't think (atleast I hope not) ive been playing badly. I just seem to be going in ahead then loosing constantly, i've had loads of 4th, 5th and 6th place finishes but have struggled to get itm.

      Heres the graph to prove my bad run:

      Im going to keep plugging away and hopefully my run will change.