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Are SnG's freerolls worth it?

    • Mat55
      Joined: 04.02.2013 Posts: 92
      On poker770, there are freeroll SnGs going on every 2 minutes, basically 9 entrants, $0.10 prize funds with 1st getting 0.05, 2nd 0.03, 3rd 0.02.

      I am wondering, is it worth "grinding" freeroll SnGs?

      It's guaranteed cash, and guaranteed no losses.
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    • badcatwOw
      Joined: 03.12.2009 Posts: 80
      put big volume and you get $ to play micro.
      emm better put huge volume.
    • Mat55
      Joined: 04.02.2013 Posts: 92
      Do people actually do it though?
    • tommygecko
      Joined: 11.08.2012 Posts: 1,229
      still better than play money i guess. And people actually do it I remember they fill up very very quickly. But if you have some kind of bankroll it's worthless playing these imo.
    • Mat55
      Joined: 04.02.2013 Posts: 92
      Yea I agree I played a couple but it wasn't worth my time.. however if my bankroll disappears and I don't feel like depositing I might visit it again :)
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,030
      Hey all,

      I guess if you go broke or your bankroll is small then grind, grind, grind! I would imagine that the play would be horrible here so prepare to go grey whilst playing these :D

      Best regards,
    • maythany
      Joined: 18.10.2011 Posts: 1,195
      I think titan poker still has those beginner's freeroll tournaments with a prize pool of $100 or something.

      Competition is easy BTW
    • steveiam
      Joined: 07.01.2013 Posts: 2
      I think if you have loads of time it maybe worth it for practice.You will not find much skill thought,pretty much any reasonable cards allin and hope.
    • liguolong
      Joined: 18.03.2010 Posts: 731
      Well, you need to practice a lot before becoming a good player anyway. So why not play some freerolls, there is small incentive and good for your play later.
    • eneabeats
      Joined: 18.11.2011 Posts: 140
      Yes its slow, but if you dont want to deposit, its better way to play those sng freerolls. You have more chance to win some cash, then playin turnament frerolls, where is a lot of "gamblers" and you have to play so long for just about 0,25 bucks if you dont win this tournament.

      Playin those sngs is easy and you can play a lot of sng in one time. This is the best way to train how to play multi-tabling.

      I think if you will spent some time with grinding you would win about 2-3 dollars and you may start micro sngs :)

      Good luck man
    • diversfx
      Joined: 24.12.2010 Posts: 627
      Cashed out from PK770, and was left 4 cents. So I did a challenge and donated the money to charity.If I remember right the highest I got was around $30.

      My advice MTable and fold everything until the bubble or play maniac shove fest. M2C