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[HEM1] EV line doesn't work for Party network STT

    • wiarygodny
      Joined: 16.07.2009 Posts: 1,395

      ive been using HEM1 for quite a while now and never had any problems, was very happy with it since it did all that i wanted it to do. However it stopped some time mid december (i don't remember the exact date) when Party updated their blind structure (4min levels instead of 5min etc.). (btw im talking abt Turbo STT). Now it just reads all of those tourneys as Super Turbo MTT SnG so it's obvoiusly not calculating the EV (which for me is very important). At first i tought that there's simply no way of making it work since HEM1 is no longer being updated (i'm using the last, as far as i know, ver 1.12.10b). But lately one of my fellow Party SnG players told me that his is still working just fine (more details here + on the previous page of that blog) So ive started to wonder - maybe there's still a chance to make mine work?

      some details that may help to find a solution:
      - i'm using Small Stakes version
      - normal speed SnG are working fine
      - 22$ and 33$ Turbo 10man STTa are read as Super Turbo 40man SnG MTTs (but the prize structure is correct)
      - 6$ Turbo 6max STTs are read as Super Turbo 24man SnG MTTs (rake is counted as 0.6$ instead of 0.5$ and 1st place as 19$ instead of 19.8$)

      as you can see ive mentioned 33$ while using the Small Stakes version, and here's the funny part - even tough it's not supposed to (as far as i understand) my HEM works for them as if they were any other, lower BI tournament (imports hands, imports results, displays HUD etc. no EV obv). Maybe that's where the problem lies - my HEM felt offended that i wanted to use it for higher stakes even tough i shouldn't and decided to punish me by turning my EV line off :D

      anyway, any kind of insight, help, ideas will be much appreciated. Cheers!
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