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    • BoyElectric
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      Just joined PokerStrategy. I've been playing freerolls on PokerStars and Fool :D Tilt for about 2 years. I've cashed numerous times in these and then played minimum limits and buy-ins to try and build a bankroll without ever depositing any money. If I'm honest with myself, my game is OK but not good enough, so I never get above about $30 before I start losing, go bust and head back to the freerolls to start again! I've come here to impove my game and I've just registered at Titan so I can collect the starting capital. Would have preferred to use this at PokerStars but never look a gift horse in the mouth I guess!

      I have 2 questions:

      1. Can I still collect StrategyPoints from Pokerstars and Full Tilt and how? -
      2. If any or all of you could give me your best tip about building my bankroll from the $50 and not going bust, what would it be? I understand the bankroll/buy-ins relationship in the beginner articles and that was more or less what I was doing before I came here so I'm looking for any other tips you might have.

      Gonna spend some time on this site improving my knowledge before I start using the $50.

      Thanks all!
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    • cannell555
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      #1, sometimes, a mod will clear this up.

      #2, BRM, BRM, BRM, Dont tilt, take breaks, BRM, BRM, BRM

    • SoyCD
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      Hello BoyElectric,

      As cannell has said - Bankrollmanagement is the key to longterm poker success! So take your time, read the articles, improve your game and move up in limits according to bankroll management. If you do this - you are on the path of success :)

      As for Full Tilt and PokerStars - we are currently sadly unable to re-track existing accounts so that you can receive StrategyPoints with them :(

      Best regards,