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      Hello fellow poker players!
      My name is Gabriel and this is my third shot at poker.

      So first, who am I?
      I am a 23-year old swedish student living with my girlfriend in central stockholm. I study engineering physics (teknisk fysik) with focus on applied mathematics. I have been playing poker casually for between 4 and 5 years.

      My poker history.
      I started playing sometime around year 08-09 and found pokerstrategy through a friend. The prospect getting a free $50 starting capital looked appealing to me, so I signed up and found there was a swedish community trying to beat the various stakes of holdem. I thought, why not lets try to beat this game.
      I started playing NL SSS, but as it turned out the game wasnt as easy as i had thought. I started improvising, playing well outside the given strategy and steadily grinded my bankroll down to 10 lousy dollars. I was like what the fuck man, how am i supposed to keep a healthy bankroll management with ten damn bucks?
      This was e serious breaking point in my poker career and I really had to think things through. I started reasoning, what poker format can I possibly play with $10. Then i found fixed limit holdem. The game seemed perfect to me, with such big mathematical restrictions I realized that i HAD to stick to a strategy in order to beat this game. I started out with 0.02/0.04 which actually required a bankroll of $12 to stick to the bankroll management, but i was only 2 dollars short so I was like what the heck its the only format i can afford.
      It all went smothly after that point. I beat my way from 0.02/0.04 up to 0.25/0.50 in the FL games on pokerstars and ended up with a bankroll of something like $200. At this point I also got lucky and came thrid in a $2 tournament for $600 which put my bankroll a bit over $800. After this I kind of lost interest in poker which resulted in a break for maybe 6 months.

      My second shot at poker.
      After a while I started thinking about poker again. I needed a new format and decided to give Nl holdem full stack a shot. I was rolled for the 0.10/0.25 tables but decided to start out a bit loweron 0.05/0.10. I moved to full tilt and started playing on the rush tables. To be honest, my game wasnt really top notch. I was playing BE or maybe slightly winning, but the bonuses and rakeback kept my bankroll growing.
      After a while I started posting hands on the swedish microstakes handreview forums. I found out that the then current handcoach went tothe same university as I and I started taking some private coaching sessions. My game improved a lot and soon i was winning 5bbs/100. I moved my bankroll to the entraction network and started playing SH on 0.10/0.20. At the SH tables my winrate went down a bit to a few bbs/100, but I was still winning and my game improved significantly.
      After maybe 60k hands I decided that I wanted back to nl FR, so I continued on the same stakes on FR instead. When I went back to FR something had happened. I had learnt a lot about late posion game, when to 3-bet or not 3-bet, from who I should steal from and who not to steal from. My valuebetting and FOLDING had also improved significantly. I was now a 13vpip/11pfr player and i was crushing the game. I was winning and winning, and the better I got at folding the right hands the more i won.
      I moved from 0.10/0.20 upto 0.5/1, my bankroll was steadily built well over $4k. At this point I also started doing some live coaching and became a microstakes handevaluater on the swedish forum on stakes up to 0.05/0.10 on FR and SH.

      After a while i got more to work to do at school and I once again started losing interest in poker. I resigned from the hand evaluation and stopped playing poker again.

      The third shot, present time.
      I started talking to an online friend again who was one of the top 5-card-draw players in europe a couple of years ago. Somehow talking to him made my interest in stir up again. He adviced me to try out plo hi/lo aka PLO8, and that is where I am now. I have cashed out some of my bankroll but still have something like $2.5k on different poker sites.

      Right now I am starting low with PLO8. I expect to be a losing player the first few thousand hands so I am currently playing stakes between 0.01/0.02 and 0.05/0.10 to learn the basics of the game.

      I am going to try and post lots of hands here, so all PLO8 players feel free to comment. Also feel free to post your own different pokerhands here, I am always up for discussing some hands.

      Wish me good luck! :f_biggrin:
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    • legand73
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      Hey BluffinBilbo

      Welcome back to the world of poker and welcome to our blogging section. Hope all goes well.

    • BluffinBilbo
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      Thanks Luke, I hope so too! Here is a hand from todays play.

      PokerStars | Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Cash - $0.01/$0.02 - 5 players
      [][i][color="DarkSlateGrey"]Hand [/i]#[i]94070987001[/url] - delivered by[/color][/i] Pokeit

      BTN skoroboqach: $3.19 (159.5 BBs)
      CO Phoenix (F): $5.53 (276.5 BBs)
      UTG <<GURZA>>964: $2.41 (120.5 BBs)
      BB BluffinBilbo: $5.06 (253 BBs)
      SB Go0dDaYtOdaY: $0.85 (42.5 BBs)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.03) Hero (BluffinBilbo) is BB with 7♥ 6♦ A♥ 2♥
      <<GURZA>>964 raises $0.02 to $0.04, 3 players fold, BluffinBilbo calls $0.02

      Flop: K♣ Q♥ 8♥ ($0.09) (2 players)
      BluffinBilbo checks, <<GURZA>>964 bets $0.09, BluffinBilbo calls $0.09

      Turn: A♦ ($0.27) (2 players)
      BluffinBilbo checks, <<GURZA>>964 bets $0.10, BluffinBilbo calls $0.10

      River: 8♦ ($0.47) (2 players)
      BluffinBilbo checks, <<GURZA>>964 checks

      Final Pot: ($0.45 | rake $0.02) (2 players)
      <<GURZA>>964 shows K♥ A♣ 3♠ J♠ HI: two pair, Aces and Kings +$0.22
      BluffinBilbo shows 7♥ 6♦ A♥ 2♥ HI: two pair, Aces and Eights -$0.23.

      From the third article in the PLO8 bronze section, you can read that you should jam most nut flushdraws on the flop. Here is a hand where i also have low nut draw. Is this a spot where i shouls reraise or donk the flop?

      It seema to me that i played this hand quite fishy. :f_p:
    • BluffinBilbo
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      I will start this post by saying that my first 5khands have gone well over expectations. I have lost around 90 bbs, but my ev is up well over 300 bbs :D i didnt expect to be +ev so soon.
      With that said, after looking through my hand history I realize I am making some HUGE mistakes. I am playing too many hands utg, i c-bet bad boards and i overplay a lot in limped pots.
      The next few sessions i will be focusing on a tighter preflop play and less overplaying of medium hands.

      Also, does anyone know any hud tools that supports plo8? I used the old version of holdem manager when i played before, but i dont know if they support plo8
    • ColorFlusher
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      Hi, nice to have a fellow hi/lo player here. HM2 is supporting at least the cash games well.

      On the hand you posted I would play the same. If I would know the player pots strong hands and is most likely barreling turn then fold. If you are up for some random discussion add me on community tool : )
    • shogun2313
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      hey i also play plo8 cg game. up to plo8 200.

      if you make it to plo8 50 or higher we can gladly discuss hands

      @ colorflusher: i'm pretty sure i have seen you b4 at party and stars. your nickname there is also colorflusher, right? i think i have seen you in mtt. do you also play cg?

    • BluffinBilbo
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      Nice to get some posts from plo8 players! I have sent friend requests to both of you and would very much like to talk to you on skype :D
    • BluffinBilbo
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      Seems like the hand coach on the plo hand evaluation forums knows some plo8, so im going to start posting 5 hands after each session i play.