DING ! Level Up !

    • Evilpopcorn
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      Ok guys decided to give this limit thing a proper go as of last friday. Loaded $150 into Poker Stars and managed to clock in 22 440 hands for $155 profit. Translates to a BB/100 of 1.38.

      According to bankroll management i get to move up from 25c/50c to 50c/$1 !!!! Yes i am kinda bragging :D . Cracked a stakes in 8 days so i feel its deserved. hehehe

      My current FR stats for 25c/50c is :

      VP$IP : 12.21
      PFR : 8.84
      WTSD : 27.22%
      WASD : 63.84%
      Total AF : 2.45

      Should this game work at 50c/$1 ?

      Ok so want to hear from you more experienced players about the difference in level of play. Also any hint/reccomendations would be great.
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