Affraid to play KK?

    • evild
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      Well I think it's my first post on the forum but it seems I just can't get over absurd AA vs KK situations.

      First time I noticed this was at Poker Nordica playing NL100. I was playing 2 tables. After about 30min of play i was about +20$ when I hit my pocket kings just to get face to face with rockets. Floped my set on the flop, pushed all-in and bite my tongue when I saw an ace smiling at me on the turn. OK, I know what this game is like so I just reloaded and continued playing.
      Not 10 hands afterwards, double royality on the second table. After a very loose player pushed all-in on my reraise I decided to call. Needless to say I was against AA.

      When after some time I started to play at Mansion same situation over and over again with different players. It feels like in 80% of the KK's AA pop up. Now I play FTP and same thing. This affected me in a way I am terrified when I see KK in my hand. Now I can understand bad beats, loosing when way ahead from time to time, I understand you come across AA with your kings but the odds are so slim that the current situation is just freaking impossible.

      Don't get me wrong, I know the situation isn't a serious threat to your bankroll but seeing all the players arround me experiencing that I just makes me wonder what all of you are thinking about this.

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    • TribunCaesar
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      Hi evild,

      first of all: It's the right step to start posting. Active posting is one of the keys to improve faster.
      Your fear to play KK, based on the subjective perception that you always run against AA, is understandable but still needless. Do you have Elephant or Poker tracker? You should check your winnings with KK. If you have a big enough samplesize, you will see that you have most winnings with KK right after AA. If this is not true in your case, you have some leaks. KK is always a preflop all-in worth. Stay active and you will get over it and improve your game much faster.

      Best regards,