[NL20-NL50] AJs 3bet

    • mlatasrb
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      iPoker - $0.20 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 4 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      SB: 101.15 BB
      BB: 123.25 BB
      Hero (CO): 192.75 BB
      BTN: 96 BB

      SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

      Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has A:club: J:club:

      Hero raises to 3 BB, fold, SB raises to 10 BB, fold, Hero calls 7 BB

      Flop: (21 BB, 2 players) 7:spade: A:spade: 2:heart:
      SB bets 10.5 BB, Hero calls 10.5 BB

      Turn: (42 BB, 2 players) 2:diamond:
      SB bets 21 BB, Hero calls 21 BB

      River: (84 BB, 2 players) J:heart:
      SB checks, Hero bets 151.25 BB, SB calls 59.65 BB

      SB shows K:club: K:heart: (Two Pair, Kings and Twos) (Pre 68%, Flop 9%, Turn 5%)
      Hero shows A:club: J:club: (Two Pair, Aces and Jacks) (Pre 32%, Flop 91%, Turn 95%)
      Hero wins 193.3 BB

      923 hands, 25/19, 3bet 8 against CO 4.
      cbet 88% flop, 60 turn.

      I guess I should fold preflop, I saw initially just his total 3bet, but against CO tells different. As played call turn? His range is strong, and contains AQ, AK, I dont think he barrels 2x as bluff. I planned to call once more since I get good odds, and give up river to another bet. Would that be ok?
      Is my shove river ok, to get called by AK, AQ?

      Interesting how he played with KK on A high. I think he putted me on fd, and not at all on Ax. OR maybe he turned his hand into bluff to fold weaker Ax as I was tempted ?
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi mlatasrb,

      Preflop: looks fine IP 4-handed.

      Postflop: calling flop and turn is perfectly fine and once we pick up 2p it's an easy shove for pure value.

      I'd expect that AQ/AK would 3-barrel there often (at least AK).