Problems putting opponents on an hand range

    • Tosh5457
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      Hi, I've been having problems putting opponents on an hand range postflop. My first problem is that VP$IP varies a lot from player to player, so with those players with a high VP$IP it's very hard to put them on a range.

      For example, a player with 18% VP$IP cold calls, what is his range? Something like KJ+, AT+, 56s+, 22-99?

      Now a player with 50% VP$IP limps for example, what's his range? Ax+, Kx+, Qx+, J5s+, J8o+, 22-99, 23s+, 23o+? Something like that?

      But like I said my main problem is postflop, because they can have so many possible hands, even air... I know that I should put my opponent's on a range, because if I don't I'll just be playing my cards and make bad decisions. What should I do ?( Sometimes I literally get totally lost, and i just don't know what to do. And to make things worse Titan doesn't give much time to think so if I start thinking what to do and what he might have I lose all my time... I feel this is a big leak in my game, I've been noticing I play like a machine postflop and don't even bother to think what my opponent might have...
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    • generals007
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      It is close to impossible putting opponents with VP$IP > 50 on a hand range. They might even play low suited one-gap connectors like 24s. I think against those opponents the WTSD value is more important. If it is low, you can often times take the pot away from them with a cbet or donkbet on the flop, since they hit less than you do. If it is high you'll have to wait for a good hand (hit set, 2 pair or better) and get it all in. Especially against those guys TPTK is usually not a good choice to go allin with ... let's say you have AK board is KT238 they'll often times have 23 or 8Ts if they go allin. Wait for a good spot and take it all. That's what I do at least.

    • sw0ldo
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      Hello Tosh

      I would advise you to get PokerStrategy's equilator, this will allow you to put people on hand ranges according to their VPIP. You can download it from here:

      For your convenience I have got the hand range for 50% VPIP for you:

      22+, A2s+, K2s+, Q2s+, J6s+, T7s+, 98s, A2o+, K2o+, Q6o+, J7o+, T9o

      Good Luck!