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      Im new to PL 5 card draw. Im started to play some heads up.
      When I raise from the button with a hand like Axxxx. Is it best to draw 5 new cards or should I keep my Ace?

      Then I wonder in 6 max PL5CD – how tight should I be and how much should I 3-bet?
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      Hi, blom90
      Wow -- I'm impressed that you are able to play heads up 5CD.
      What limit do you play HU? Do you play HU PL 5CD?

      I play $0.25/$0.50, and I usually leave the table when there is less than 4 players remaining.

      Otherwise, the blinds are coming very fast.

      As to your question, I cannot imagine raising then drawing 4 or 5
      If you DO raise then D4, then you are openly stating that you have no pair.

      The median hand is AKQJ6 or AKQJ7
      So if you are raising with less that than, then more than half the time you are already beat.

      I have read (I can't remember where) that you can raise AQxxx from the SB, but when I do that, I consider it a bluff.

      Have you read the article on 5CD?

      There are also 2 videos that I know of that you might find useful.

    • blom90
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      Thanks for the tips! The videos was great. Would be really nice to read the articles also, but I can't reach silver-status because I can't play tracked.

      I play FL 5CD HU at 0.25/0.50. Been working good so far, but I guess that was most luck.
      Been playing some 6-max 5CD after i watched the videos. So much more fun now when I understand the game a little bit more.

      Got a new question. How light can i call when I'm bb and BU raise?

      Also is there ever any idea to bluff at 0.25/0.50?
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      How light can i call when I'm bb and BU raise?
      Since it is fixed limit it is all about pot odds.

      If you are raised from the BTN the pot stands at 1.75 BB you are getting 3.5:1 to call, but will be out-of-position.
      If you are raised from the SB, the post stands at 1.5 BB you are getting 3:1 and you will be In position.

      If you hold a pair, your odds of improving are 2.5:1 roughly, so you have sufficient pot odds to call with a pair.
      [B]Be aware that sometimes EVEN WHEN YOU IMPROVE you still lose so you have to feel your way through this.

      There are three options:
      Fold: Recommended if you have squat. If you're tight, you may do this with low pairs -- say 66 or less
      Call: OK w/ mid pairs or even low ones if the SB/BTN are steal raising a lot. By a lot I mean > 50% If they are raising that much, then they MUST be raising hands w/ no pair.
      Raise: This is so dependant on WHO is raising. Consider raising high pairs. High could be QQ+ or even TT+ if you think SB/BTN is raising a lot.
      And defo raise two pair and better.

      If you find you don't like these ranges, adjust them as you see fit.

      Blind vs Blind is a good place to bluff.
      From either side works.
      For example, bluffing w/ A-high flush draws is a good place to start.
      You raise from SB, w/ Axxx of a single suit, draw 1, and BB draws any at all, CBet whether you hit or not.

      In the BB, you can 3Bet or even Cap then draw 1 or 2 vs SB draw 3 or two, then CBet or Raise after the draw. Your bluff will work EVEN IF YOU LOSE THE HAND because then you will be more likely to get paid by your value hands.

      If the other players notice that you're a bluff monkey, they will take your money by the fistful.

      One last thought about bluffing:
      You will occasionally see players who "snow" -- draw 0 cards, pretending that they have a made straight or better. Be careful with this: To do it successfully, you will often need to cap pre, and if there are 3 of you in the pot, you will likely get called even by someone with trips, because of all the dead money in the pot.
      Also, if villains are going to hit their draws occasionally.

      Once again, though, losing a snow job isn't the end of the world, since presumably they will be more likely to pay you off when you have a true pat hand.

      Find your own style and frequency.
      I personally play quite tight for two or three orbits, showing down only good hands. Then you can slide in a few bluffs w/o anyone noticing and then go squeaky tight again.

      I limit my snow attempts to 1 per hundred hands, and I ONLY do it if I have seen other people catch a chorus of folds to their pat hands.

      There is a HUD/Tracker for 5CD called Pokerhands.
      It will work only with Pokerstars.

      It is really worth getting -- it's free, but it may be hard to find.
      There is a patch you'll need to get too.