Hi' just wanted to inform you about the next talent (or not) haha!

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      Hey everybody out there on PokerStrategy.com!

      My name is Brian Møller Nielsen, im a almost new and a bit of a newcommer, just played real money SNG in about 3 months, and just alot of freerolls ect.

      When i heard of PokerStrategy and its possibilities i almost cried of happyness, its a really nice possibility for a newcommer as me to become a bit more serious about poker.

      Im a 100% Tournament player, i will never sit down at a Cash game table, it is just not my call.

      SNG's is my favorite, i got the controle of my game, and thats what i need.

      Ooops.. okay i forgot to tell ya, that im from Denmark, and to get a little closer im from the 4rd biggest city in DK called, Aalborg City.

      I play poker in several clients i could mention the most known of them here:
      Titan Poker

      This site and its articels was a very big help for me and has improved my playstyle alot.

      Thx to everyone behind this fabolous site: PokerStrategy.com
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