MB account closed for withdrawal

    • Gavron23
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      Is there a way of contacting Moneybookers representatives trough Pokerstrategy?

      They've closed my account a week ago saying they need verification of my ID and stuff, and I send it them on the next day, but still haven't heard from them. Also i wrote another email demanding to know what is happening and after that did not show any results, i filed a complaint, but this didnt do much good either.
      On the other hand my account seems to be open if i want to deposit money or someone else wants to send me, which is really funny.
      And I do need the money in there urgently, so this situation became a bit upsetting now...
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    • raise2much
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      Mb is usually very slow when verifying first time, sometimes it takes even up to a week before you get an answer. I think your best option is to call them.

      If you are VIP at mb they will solve this pretty quick if you give them a call.
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      Hey Gavron,

      pokerstrategy@skrill.com is our VIP email :)

      Best regards,
    • Skodljivec
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      Try contacting them via Skype... It's very cheap and you get live help
    • Gavron23
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      Haha, i did call them, and a representative said the the reason my case is being delayed is... That i've send several messages demanding to know what is happening, so each time i sent a new message the case is 'restarting' i.e. going to the bottom of the cases' stack...
      Really what kind of shitty procedure is that? So because they are delaying their customer service, and I am sending email after email, and they haven't responded to a single one of them, i get 'rewarded' with more delay.

      I have to be honest, coming from a customer service background myself, this is the shittiest one i've ever seen!
    • w34z3l
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      Haha yeah, that's normal.

      If you make an addition to your open case you get sent to the back of the queue again.