[NL2-NL10] Hand evaluation nl 0.01/0.02

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      Hey there fellow poker enthousiast, just played a really frustrating hand so instead of tilting, I'm writing this first post.

      My question is : from the following hand recap, when the turn opened, I suspected my opponent had a trip of 9s but I still expected to land that flush did I make the right decision if not give me the truth, I won't cry.


      Xwashere ($3.98)
      xyches ($2.00)
      SoSoK77 ($2.59)
      Atlas_1304 ($0.81)
      g3rtrud3 ($0.93)
      Simionovitch ($1.74)
      newfan ($0.86)
      Xwashere posts small blind $0.01, SoSoK77 posts big blind $0.02.
      Simionovitch folds, g3rtrud3 raises $0.08, Atlas_1304 folds, newfan folds, xyches folds, Xwashere folds, SoSoK77 calls $0.06.
      FLOP [AH, 9H, 9S]
      SoSoK77 checks, g3rtrud3 bets $0.08, SoSoK77 raises $0.16, g3rtrud3 calls $0.08.
      TURN [AH, 9H, 9S, 4H]
      SoSoK77 checks, g3rtrud3 bets $0.35, SoSoK77 raises $1.52, g3rtrud3 calls $0.34 and is all-in.
      RIVER [AH, 9H, 9S, 4H, QC]
      SoSoK77 shows [9D, 8C]
      g3rtrud3 mucks
      SoSoK77 wins $1.78 from the main pot with three of a kind.
      Dealer: xyches
      Main pot : $1.78
      Rake: $0.09
      Xwashere loses ($0.01)
      xyches loses $0.00
      SoSoK77 bets $1.76, collects $2.61, net $0.85
      Atlas_1304 loses $0.00
      g3rtrud3 loses ($0.93)
      Simionovitch loses $0.00
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