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4bet with AK?

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    • sw0ldo
      Joined: 31.07.2007 Posts: 397
      Hello Tosh

      This realy depends on reads, position, history etc.

      For example:

      HAND #1

      Hero opens to $0.40 from UTG with AK
      TAG 3-bets to $1.40 with from the SB

      In this scenario we are crushed by his OOP 3betting range so it would be better to either call in position or even fold.

      HAND #2

      Hero opens to $0.40 on the button with AK
      LAG 3-bets to $1.40 from the SB

      In this scenario we are against a looser opponent in a situation ideal for restealing; so we 4-bet.

      Hero 4-bets to $3.5

      Also note the 4-bet size (2.5x 3bet). This allows players to shove over with worse and also lets us get away from the hand when we are bluffing (So our ranges are balanced).