• ivanasrb1
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      Playing PLO (mostly PLO10 and some PLO25) on full tilt I noticed a lot of players playing with minimum money ($2), and eaven though Im sure they dont play some specific strategy, i wonder if its posible to make a short stack strategy for PLO, like one in NLH?
      Is there anyone on PS who would like to deal with this?
      Thanks for the answ
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    • swissmoumout
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      there's a 40bb strategy explained in Slotboom's book, forget the title..but full-stack is more profitable iyam
    • Jim9137
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      It's only effective if the table is filled with aggressive BSS players/full-handed. Otherwise it's very hard to exploit your edges against good players, or even bad ones, as you tend to end up in heads-up pots with your hand "bare".

      I usually take a short stack as a weak/tight player, as they usually are just that.
    • samiow
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      I play with slotboom a lot and he doesnt play PLO, he just will ship it in if he thinks someone has aces and there is enough dead money, the the AAxx dude isolates with a reraise and he gets all the dead money and +EV.
      If you have the BR and dont like playing poker you can just do that.
    • Nunki
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      Originally posted by Jim9137
      I usually take a short stack as a weak/tight player, as they usually are just that.
      In the games I play they tend to be 50%+ VP$IP un-bluffable showdown monkeys.

      OP, like Jim says, you need the right sort of game to play SSS PLO. In the passive games in which I sometimes play your edge more often comes post-flop rather than pre-flop. Since even good players cannot agree on how to play PLO post-flop any SSS is unlikely to be able to be recorded on a couple of sides of A4. Good Luck.

      I play SSS PLO because I'm crap (but getting better) at judging equity post-flop and my sight of the board is slow. The biggest part of my game is singleing out players who are an even bigger fish than I.
    • gummi1
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      Where can I study the PLO SSS?