Small Blind

    • cyzo
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      Playing SSS and sitting in the small blind, there are no raises, but there are a few limpers. With what types of hands does one pay the other half of the big blind to see the flop? Is it smarter just to fold sub-par hands?

      Thank You.
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    • xylere
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      Hey cyzo,

      any pp with 2+ limpers
      suited broadway connectors/one gappers 2+
      suited connectors with 3+

      Hope it helped )

      good luck,

    • Baconbits
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      While we're on the subject of SB in SSS...

      what hands would you be pushing allin, with say, 3+ limpers?

      According to SHC, you can/should raise from here with 88, 77, AJ and KQ (aswell as the better hands obv.) but I've found that on NL10 you get a lot of callers sometimes and these hands can often be useless against multiple callers on a lot of flops.

      Is it better to push with these hands pre-flop, against 3+ limpers for fold equity?

      Thanks in advance.
    • xylere
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      yep, you are right
      its better to push. however, watch the limpers)
      UTG limpers will be tighter, so pushing KQ and 77 in some spots will be very marginal