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How good PC I need for my requerments?

    • PokerJanis
      Joined: 15.11.2012 Posts: 4
      Hello! I have started to grind 2,50$ 180 man turbos on stars. I have acer aspire laptop (15,7 inches) and small monitor. Basically, I can grind 10 tables at a time. In the mean time I am running HM1 with HUD display and Table ninja. the thing is, when I open 11 tables, it start's to lagg. I tile my tables. Now I think of expanding. i will buy 27 inch monitor, on which I could easaly put 25-30 tables. because I don't know a thing about PCs' and I was woundering, what PC hardware stats I must have to be able to run 30 tables at the time, whyle my HM1 manager and table ninja is running. I would appreciate some feedback. Cheers!
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    • Fipa87
      Joined: 06.05.2010 Posts: 19
      Having and SSD instead of an HDD I hear is important. I just got one a few days ago and even though I see the difference, it's just not that big, since I still get 100% PCU usage from time to time. So I'd recomend getting a good processor, possibly a quad core processor. And lots and lots of RAM. Oh and yeah, don't even think about switching to HEM2 prio to buying a new computer.

      Good luck.
    • PokerTracker
      Joined: 07.06.2011 Posts: 694
      This may help you determine your base requirements if you chose to use PokerTracker 4 going forward for your 30 tabling experience, I suspect you would find that the Vector HUD Engine is really designed for players like you. A good video card is a major component that is not factored in the list below, but it is helpful:

      Computer Hardware

      Minimum Requirement: Intel Core 2 Duo (or AMD equivalent) processor with 3GB of RAM

      Recommended: Modern quad-core processor with 4GB of RAM or greater. This includes the Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processor lines (or their equivalent AMD processors).

      Optimal: Intel Core i5 or i7 multi-core 64-bit processor with 8GB of RAM or greater.

      Not Recommended: Intel Pentium 4, Atom or other low power processors such as ARM.

      Operating System

      Minimum Requirement: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

      Recommended: Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista

      Optimal: Windows 8 64 Bit or Windows 7 64 Bit with PostgreSQL 64 Bit 9.0.x manually installed.


      Minimum Requirement: PostgreSQL 8.3.18 or greater / PostgreSQL 8.4.12 or greater / PostgreSQL 9.0.7 or greater

      Recommended: Manually install the latest version of PostgreSQL 9.0.x

      Optimal: Manually install the Winx86-64 version of PostgreSQL 9.0.x. This requires a 64 bit processor and Operating System, with 8 Gigs or ram or better for optimal performance.

      Not Supported: PostgreSQL 9.1.x and 9.2.x are not supported due to potential database errors

      Hard Drive

      The number one factor for speed performance is hard drive speed, the PostgreSQL Server which powers the PokerTracker database commonly moves gigabytes of data to allow PokerTracker 4 to perform it's reporting duties. PokerTracker recommends at least a 7200RPM hard drive or faster, Solid State Drives (SSDs) are currently the fastest drives available for optimal performance.