Looking for negative poker stories

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      Hi there,

      We see a lot of success stories on the Internet. Players who luckboxed through a SM, skillful and successful players on mid- and high limits etcetera. It's all the upside.

      But now I'm looking for negative poker stories. Losing (or ex-losing) players, people whose life have been negatively affected by poker, backers who have been scammed etcetera.

      With these stories, I will write a background story. This story is an assignment for school and will only be read by (a) teacher(s) and students.

      The story will be written in my own language, but the sources that I need for my story can be from any country.

      So if you are, or if you know someone with a negative story: please respond. Even if you think it's not worthy.

      Any help is useful!


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