=== Raked Hands Race: Cash the Jet Adrenaline Promotion ===

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      Take part in 24hPoker's €50,000 raked hands race throughout March - the more you grind, the bigger your stack in the final freeroll, which will award three players a once-in-a-lifetime fighter jet experience on top of their race prize.

      About the promotion

      24hPoker Raked Hands Race: Levels & Prizes
      Bronze€0.10/€0.20 - €0.25/0.50€7,000
      Players at 24hPoker who take to the cash tables could shortly find themselves taking to the skies thanks to the Cash the Jet Adrenaline promotion.

      The promotion has three stages:

      1. Compete in a raked hands race: March 1 - March 31
      There are three divisions for various stakes (see right) and you can compete in all three at once. A total of €41,000 will be awarded.

      2. Enter the Cash the Jet freeroll: April 4, 18:00 GMT
      The freeroll is open to all players who played 100 or more raked hands in the race, with starting stack determined by played hands.

      3. Top 3 players win a €3,000 Figher Jet package: April 19 - 21
      Package includes Fighter Jet experience in Paris, €500 travel money and accommodation.

      About the Fighter Jet package

      We'll just let this video do the talking...

      If the winner cannot attend Fighter Jet experience for personal or medical reasons, WSOP Mini package worth €2,500 can be chosen instead.

      Cash prizes & payouts

      24hPoker’s Raked Hands Race - Cash the Jet Adrenaline
      Bronze Leaderboard
      Silver Leaderboard
      Gold Leaderboard
      1 €1,000 €1,500 €2,000
      2 €750 €1,000 €1,500
      3 €500 €700 €1,000
      4 €300 €500 €700
      5 €200 €400 €500
      6 €175 €300 €400
      7 €150 €250 €300
      8-10 €100 €200 €250
      11-20 €80 €150 €200
      21-30 €65 €125 €170
      31 €50 €125 €170
      32-40 €50 €100 €150
      €40 €75 €125
      51 - 75
      €30 €50 €100
      76 €30 €40 €100
      €20 €40 €85
      101 - - €85
      - - €75

      Terms & conditions

      Minimum blinds for this promotion are €0.10/€0.20 (NL20), all Microgaming Poker Network game types are included, e.g. Omaha and Blaze tables.

      Raked hands played during the following period will count towards the leaderboard: 01.03.2013 00:00 CET - 31.03.13 23:59 CET.

      Cash prize payout will be done latest by 5th of April to your account.

      A Raked Hand is when you receive cards and you contribute money to the pot (rake is taken).

      Players may participate in all 3 levels and claim prizes from them all.

      Players eligible for the Raked Hands Fighter Jet tournament will be pre-registered to the tournament latest by 3rd April 19.00 CET.

      Starting stack in the tournament will be equal to number of raked hands, maximum starting stack 5000 in chips.

      Players who sit out during the first level (12 minutes) of the freeroll will automatically be removed.

      Fighter Jet package is worth €3000 and includes Fighter Jet experience in Paris, hotel from 19th to 21st April for 2 persons and €500 in travel money (Fighter Jet experience is only for one person per package).

      The organizer of Fighter Jet experience has certain requirements, such as height, weight and general fitness and health.

      Fighter Jet experience is weather dependent and winners travelling to France understand that there is a risk of experience being cancelled days or hours prior to takeoff.

      If the winner cannot attend Fighter Jet experience for personal or medical reasons, WSOP Mini package worth €2500 can be chosen instead.

      WSOP Mini package includes $1000 buy-in, hotel and flight. More details on this package will be provided when full WSOP schedule is published.

      Players found colluding will be disqualified and risk to have their funds seized and account permanently frozen.

      24hPoker reserves the right to reasonably use player’s nickname for marketing purposes and in future promotions without additional compensation.

      24hPoker reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the promotion or change the criteria for the promotion at any time regardless of any information given in the beginning of the promotion.

      The original English version of this Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version of this Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.

      24hPoker's terms and conditions apply to this promotion and may be changed at any time.

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