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Mansion S&G Donkey Shoot

    • colinsaces
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 44
      Hi all.

      Let me first say that i was getting really frustrated playing S&G's on PKR, until i found Pokerstrategy.

      I was playing on PKR, and every time i had the best hand (broadway pairs or suited connectors) i would get sucked out by donkeys with hands like 7 3 offsuite. So needless to say that i was really frustrated.

      Then i read all the strategy articles and watched all the bronze and silver videos, fully loaded wit this amunition i went on Mansion last night and got my revenge against the donkeys.

      This is roughly how the game went :-
      fisrt hand started with SB and BB posting, MP went all in to get 30 chips and everyone folded, I had J9 Hearts and was really thinking of calling, but as i didnt have any reads on this donkey yet i decided to fold.

      The following 6 hands were the same and this inspired me to open up the hand history to see what this ass was going all in with pre-flop
      he had rags every hand and all other players were terrified of him.
      Unfortunately this inspired another donkey to do the same thing, and together the 2 donkeys robbed the other players off evry limp or raised pot.

      By this time i had not played a single hand yet, but had notes on both these players and was waiting to pounce.
      By the time the blinds were at 150 to 300, there was only 4 players left.
      The 2 donkeys were sharing the chip lead and i was mid stacked with 1000 or so chips.
      the short stack went all in with KK and got donkey called and sucked out with 2 pair on the flop.
      This was it, my chance, as it was 3 handed now both donkeys were taking turns at stealing, niether of them wanted to be out on the bubble, soi took advantage and the cards really helped, everytime i was BB i went all in and both asses folded, i stole 8 round of blinds and ended up being the chip leader.
      I was patient and set traps by limping with high pairs for set value, or to see the flop. Knowing these guys went to showdown every hand helped, as when i did hit a full house or a set, i check raised, and these idiots were pretty much bluffing every hand they played

      Hers howdonkey No 1 fell for my trap:-
      Hero SB gets AK diamonds
      Donkey in CO bets 600
      donkey SB flods
      Hero calls
      Flop J T Q Ranibow (edited due to typo error)
      Hero Checks, donkey goes all in with 4 & 8 offsuite, so i obviously call and end his game
      this meant that i had a 4 to 1 lead over last donkey, who limped the next hand. So i also limped with JJ and the flop came out 4d/ 7h/ J
      I hit my set and checked
      Turn got me a full house with another 7 and i checked again lol = trap set
      river came an Ace and i checked, knowing that he would take a stab at the pot everytime an Ace fell, and he did , he went all in after cheeckilly saying that if i called i woud lose, so i called and he started typing obscene words in chat.
      so i typed in chat "if you want to learn poker, go to Pokerstrategy .com,there endeth the lesson"

      so the moral of this story is pick your cards and hands patiently, dont get frustrated and call, knowing they are bluffing almost every time.
      Wait patiently for you cards to fall and pounce when they do
      Aganist these types of palyers you need to play according to the charts, anything else i mucked straight away

      Thanks to the coaches at pokerstrategy
      The nose
      and undercover82
      your videos on NL and S&G really helped
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    • colinsaces
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 44
      sorry forgot to say it was a 5 dollar S&G, i know it wasnt big money, just thought it was inspiring to all of those who get sucked out by donkey calls, this is how sweet revenge is LMAO
    • LuborC
      Joined: 20.04.2008 Posts: 1,243
      So basically you called all in with nothing but a gutshot and the next hand you hit a full house a didn't even bet? You sure showed them donkeys good!!
    • colinsaces
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 44
      Originally posted by LuborC
      So basically you called all in with nothing but a gutshot and the next hand you hit a full house a didn't even bet? You sure showed them donkeys good!!
      oops sorry typing error the first guy went out cos i flopped an Ace high straight i typed 9 on flop when it was actually a Queen. MY mistake
      the second guy was always bluffing so i wanted him to bet into my full house as i knew if i bet he would have folded.
      But thanks for your constructive comments by the way. I really enjoy poeples sarcasm, if you have nothing good to say about someone else winning, may i suggest you rather just keep quiet in future.

      My original post was put there to try and inspire the guys who keep getting bad beats or sucked out by donkeys, and to say that the videos and strategy articles on this site proved helpfull.
      Also it proves that if you play to the SH charts you will get success.

      But as usual te post gets read by some grumpy person, probably on a downswing, wanting to insult or put down other players.

      Note to the admins, Wow i made this post to try and inspire players, not to get insulted by a total stranger. Keep the cool coachings and video's coming, they are helping me to improve my game
    • VinoKOM
      Joined: 11.02.2008 Posts: 138
      Im not exactly sure how u can even consider callin an all in on the first hand of a sng with j9s? That would just b ridiculous.
    • RainbowLJ
      Joined: 14.07.2008 Posts: 4
      Interesting story A++++++ Would recomment to others!!