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TooSick Blog

    • TooSickMan
      Joined: 16.01.2013 Posts: 73
      Hello my name is Alexandre,im from Portugal and ive been playing seriously poker for about 6 months.
      I reached ~1.5k BR playing everything i guess,sngs,cash games (hold em/omaha),regulars.Last 2 months hasnt worked out for me,ive lost about 1 third of my BR so i decided it was time to stop and see what path should i take.
      Decided to grow my BR on sng 180man 2,5.
      I started 2 days ago with 375 BI and im down to 353
      Decided to dont tilt but on this 2 days it is getting me since on last hour i lost 6 times with kk vs any2,some on deep stages

      Just finished now 8th with cheapleader,who was incredibly luckbox during all tournament since i was with him in most tables,hitting runner runner for his straight.IM getting no luck on late stages and its starting to get me,i got notes on players and on the plays i made before lost the tournament,some i think "yeah,i could wait longer" but others its just bad luck and when i get to ft,i got out in 8,9.pff

      I did won some 2,50 last months but was when i played them randomly
      Well,got nothing more to say,can say that im working on my game,trying to,since studying poker has never been easy for me,cause i always thought it was just bad luck,i know that i was wrong now.

      My goal is obviously to grow my BR and then try some higher regulars or sngs

      I tried to post some hands on the evaluation hand section to get some info from experts but since i still havent bought HM i didnt post cause it would be very confuse.

      Any help is welcome here,thats the main reason i started this blog.Because i believe it! :f_biggrin:
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    • Gentari
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 344
      Hi TooSick,

      Welcome to the blogging section :)

      The best advice I can give is watch this CLICK HERE which is a recording of Collin Moshmans coaching, this 1 is a review of a 180 man :)
    • TooSickMan
      Joined: 16.01.2013 Posts: 73
      Hello again,just finished my session right now and im here to show you my results.Since i have to go catch a bus at 18h and still have to clean my house i only did 10 sngs.
      Session started real frustrating ended 4 sngs in 164º,losing again with kings twice..can say i started to tilt a little since it looked like a deja vu from last days
      Ended in 39º in another going out 88 xx QJ with q hitting the river,no luck again
      But,finally some good news and i really needed some results to keep on going with my plan,manage to go to a ft,entered 4/9,became one of the short stacks cause of a hero call from a supernova guy,he called his pair of queens on 4clubs board,dont know if it was a good call or just a lucky one,cause would hit his stack quite hard.
      Ppl going out,i manage to steal blinds,ended up being really short after losing a good pot a5 v 99 on the blinds.Then,hands came,got 10´s,doubled up to 7k,got 7´s which was a huge pot with cheapleader eliminating 3º biggest stack,which put me on a 3h.
      They had 150k,80k,i only got about 20k,manage to steal again,then doubled up to 100k with AK.
      On HU,heart didnt hit and he won with JK vs my deuces :D

      2º place,won 32BI on this session which makes a profit of..2 BI since i started this campaign!

      btw,sorry if my english isnt the best,but i try to make you understand what i try to say to you.
    • TooSickMan
      Joined: 16.01.2013 Posts: 73
      This weekend was a bit rough so i decided to not play and enjoy the freetime i get on weekends with my friends and family.

      Yesterday was kinda strange day,since i was playing but wasnt really focused,was tired,and only play 10 sngs,0 itm.

      Today i decided that i will still follow the strategy ive chosen and it went pretty well

      Played 20sngs,went to 3 FT,getting ,6º and (this one im a bit sad cause on HU he won me on the river 3 times,and before we went to HU he won 2 pots when he was short against me,again,on the river,lucky boy!)

      I made some bad moves,especially on mid stages,sometimes i can wait longer for a better spot,but i believe im going ahead,then i face some aces or kings :(

      Anyway,im up 46 BI now and i reached 1k BR again,

      Current BI: 400 :P
    • TooSickMan
      Joined: 16.01.2013 Posts: 73
      Hello again

      Today's session was devastating,i just cant understand why everytime i have a good day the next ones are so bad.

      I played 20 sngs so far and only got 1 itm,busted at 15th after losing 28k pot 99 vs j10,river J ofc

      But that was only a bit of my frustration,ive lost all pairs against overpairs and overpairs against pairs.When i had qq he must had kk.If i had kk he had aces

      And the few ones i went deep i lost set over set,on the river,runner runner flush,and an amazing call of 22 vs my AK suited

      I think i played well but dam,this is hard.Yesterday won 40BI and just in 2hours ive lost 20.I still want to keep up with the plan,but i hope better results!