[NL2-NL10] NL4 SH, 98s against massive fish

    • dienaszaglis
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      $0.02/$0.04 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
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      UTG ($3.94) 99bb
      UTG+1 ($4) 100bb
      CO ($3.67) 92bb
      HERO (BTN) ($4) 100bb
      SB ($4.13) 103bb
      BB ($4) 100bb

      Pre-Flop: ($0.06, 6 players) HERO is BTN 9:diamond: 8:diamond:
      1 fold, UTG+1 calls $0.04, CO calls $0.04, HERO raises to $0.22, 2 folds, UTG+1 folds, CO calls $0.18

      Flop: 4:spade: 2:club: 5:diamond: ($0.54, 2 players)
      CO bets $0.04, HERO calls $0.04

      Turn: 9:heart: ($0.62, 2 players)
      CO bets $0.04, HERO raises to $0.47, CO calls $0.43

      River: 5:heart: ($1.56, 2 players)
      CO checks, HERO bets $0.48,
      CO calls $0.48

      Final Pot: $2.52
      CO shows
      10:heart: 10:club:
      HERO shows
      9:diamond: 8:diamond:

      CO wins $2.40 (net +$1.19)

      UTG+1 lost $0.04
      HERO lost $1.21

      Villain: 94/6, AF: 2.3, SD:38, 30h

      Better to flat against such a fish? He goes to showdown a lot and his calling range often dominates my hand - any Tx+ basically.

      'Checking' looks good to me.

      Raising for value, of course. He`s probably calling with 5x, 33/66-88, maybe even A-hi.

      Against the fish, this light value-bet is fine, I think. As played, I don`t think it will induce anything.
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    • mbml
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      Preflop play depends on how often you think u can isolate and also their flop fold to cbet.

      I agree with flop call. Dont raise cos i dont expect him to bet fold flop. On the turn i would bet 2-3 pot and i would halfpot river and fold to raise.