Schnitzelfisch productivity/mindset/learning videos feedback + suggestions

    • Schnitzelfisch
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      Hey guys,

      as my Learning to Learn video series is coming to an end, I would ask you to post some suggestions for new videos that you would like me to produce.

      I already have some ideas:
      -beating procrastrination
      -fear of failiure in poker and how to overcome it
      -how to get the most out of your sweat sessions

      But I would prefer if the ideas came from you guys, because then I can make videos which will satisfy your own personal needs and solve your problems ;) .

      If anyone has any feedback on my videos/video series, then you can write it in this thread as well :) .

      Looking forward to some awesome ideas!

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    • Spungeh
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      I think some of these may be a good series for a few people, and will be interesting to read/watch about..

      - How to cope during and after a downswing
      - How to cope during and after a upswing

      - Procrastination, and how to avoid it

      - Study Groups (not really sure on what, but lots do it wrong)
    • apprendist
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      I support the idea of the articles, and although my English is not good, I will translate.

      how quickly overcome a mistake? . without feeling so bad about it.
    • smoothwalker
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      Hey Sf

      How about a video for micro limit players? Highlighting problems that they might face when getting started with poker and how to overcome them?