[NL20-NL50] 44 3bet

    • mlatasrb
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      iPoker - $0.20 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      BB: 40 BB
      UTG: 100 BB
      MP: 148.25 BB
      Hero (CO): 255.05 BB
      BTN: 59.55 BB
      SB: 79.8 BB

      SB posts SB 0.5 BB, BB posts BB 1 BB

      Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has 4:diamond: 4:spade:

      UTG raises to 4 BB, fold, Hero raises to 12 BB, fold, SB calls 11.5 BB, fold, fold

      Flop: (29 BB, 2 players) 4:club: Q:heart: 8:diamond:
      SB checks, Hero bets 11 BB, SB raises to 67.8 BB and is all-in, Hero calls 56.8 BB

      Turn: (164.6 BB, 2 players) 3:diamond:

      River: (164.6 BB, 2 players) 4:heart:

      Hero shows 4:diamond: 4:spade: (Four of a Kind, Fours) (Pre 19%, Flop 4%, Turn 2%)
      SB shows Q:club: Q:spade: (Full House, Queens full of Fours) (Pre 81%, Flop 96%, Turn 98%)
      Hero wins 156.4 BB

      MP 446 hands, 25/17 cbet 70, fold to 3bet 81, 4bet 0
      SB unknown

      Is it ok 3bet against MP because he folds so much to 3bet, and if I call 44 and miss I cant continue. Also, since MP is not 4betting but calling with strong hands, 44 is ok, because sometimes I will hit set, and I can take free card on flop, so I would see 4 cards before giving up.
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    • EmanuelC16
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      If you think UTG gives up super often and want to create a dynamic with him sure, just 3bet just about any hand you can play vs him. I usually don't use small pairs but with position against a easy to read opponent almost nothing playable will be -EV, just a matter of maxEV which is very dynamic so if the dynamic you create is right, having pairs is maxEV when you 3bet.