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[NL20-NL50] QQ call 3b

    • mlatasrb
      Joined: 01.04.2012 Posts: 2,730
      iPoker - $0.20 NL FAST (6 max) - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      Hero (BB): 320.65 BB
      UTG: 88.05 BB
      MP: 68.5 BB
      CO: 144.45 BB
      BTN: 101.5 BB
      SB: 162.35 BB

      SB posts SB 0.5 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BB

      Pre Flop: (pot: 1.5 BB) Hero has Q:club: Q:spade:

      fold, MP raises to 2 BB, fold, fold, SB raises to 7 BB, Hero calls 6 BB, MP calls 5 BB

      Flop: (21 BB, 3 players) Q:heart: 3:heart: 3:spade:
      SB checks, Hero bets 10 BB, MP calls 10 BB, fold

      Turn: (41 BB, 2 players) Q:diamond:
      Hero checks, MP checks

      River: (41 BB, 2 players) 2:heart:
      Hero bets 303.65 BB, MP calls 51.5 BB

      Hero shows Q:club: Q:spade: (Four of a Kind, Queens) (Pre 68%, Flop 99%, Turn 100%)
      MP shows J:heart: K:heart: (Flush, King High) (Pre 32%, Flop 1%, Turn 0%)
      Hero wins 136.8 BB

      MP 180 hands 38/21 fish
      SB 988 hands, 27/23 3bet 9

      I am not sure if I should 4bet here? we are 155bb deep, and if he shoves, I cant call. He could also call KK because he is afraid thaht I have AA. Also there is not so much dead money. so I wanted to keep his range wide and play IP.

      On flop when fish calls I put him on fd, or 3x, or some PP. On turn I hit too much, and he probably folds his fd if I bet, so I try to let him bluff paired board since fish usually does it. Is on river overbet ok? I was targeting his 3x, or flush, and maybe he doesnt beleive me and calls with PP.
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    • BogdanPS
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 27,588
      Hi mla,

      Preflop: I don't mind just calling here and keep MP (fish) in. We will also have position on the PFR and with 2 guys behind we can expect him to be more honest postflop.

      Postflop: As played your flop bet is fine and i don't mind checking the turn to induce a bet or payoff from villain.

      River shove is perfectly fine. Well played.
    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909

      Postflop play is fine. You can also consider getting called by middle pairs vs fishy MP because he beats AK.

      Preflop, I like calling because MP can ship it in light with his stack so you get to builf a pot more. SB is not much of a concern. QQ is ahead of his range and given stack depth your 4bet can get called by worse.