[NL2-NL10] AQo on BU vs maniac

    • HrabriLavek
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      Villain stats are 75/22 AF 2.5 over 95 hands
      3bet stat 16
      4bets 2 out of 3 times
      likes to do bluffs and get in with wide range

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.04(BB) Replayer
      SB ($4.37)
      BB ($5.21)
      UTG ($2.89)
      UTG+1 ($4.35)
      UTG+2 ($4.28)
      MP1 ($4)
      MP2 ($4)
      CO ($6.59)
      Hero ($4.61)

      Dealt to Hero Q:club: A:diamond:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, CO raises to $0.14, Hero raises to $0.48, fold, fold, CO raises to $0.82, Hero calls $0.34

      FLOP ($1.70) K:club: J:spade: J:club:

      CO checks, Hero checks

      TURN ($1.70) K:club: J:spade: J:club: 7:heart:

      CO bets $0.68, Hero calls $0.68

      RIVER ($3.06) K:club: J:spade: J:club: 7:heart: A:club:

      CO bets $1, Hero calls $1

      CO shows 6:club: 6:diamond: (Pre 54%, Flop 49.9%, Turn 63.6%)Hero shows Q:club: A:diamond: (Pre 46%, Flop 50.1%, Turn 36.4%)Hero wins $4.81

      I 3bet him for value...I think I am ahead of his range, his min4bet didnt scare me that much...I called because I had position on him and still didnt feel like AQo would be a hand to try and get the stacks in

      I check behind on the flop, I dont think it hit him, he would probably bet if it did and I think Ill get more value by showing weakness

      I call his bet on the turn...it wasnt big and I think I still have showdown value...no point in raising here since I still have air and only made hands will continue...

      I hit top pair on the river and call his 1/3 bet here....dont think it would be smart again to raise because the board is pretty wet and only nuttish hands would continue vs a raise, my plan was to see him on showdown anyway where I think I am ahead most of the time
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    • BogdanPS
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      Hi Lavek,

      Preflop: looks fine for pure value.

      Postflop: Fish do love to min 4-bet their stronger hands but if you've seen him use this as a bluff or with less than stellar hands then our call is fine.

      As played I think we can consider raising the river for value (thin value) versus Ax hands however villain can still have some slowplayed hands so just calling to learn more about his range and keep it "Safe" is fine.