• 3prswins
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      Recently my computer has started running pretty slow so I began investigating.

      I have around 500,000 hands on hem2 and when I check what program's are installed, postegrasql is the largest at 108gb!!! Is this normal size for this size database?

      I've ordered a 500gb external hard drive so hopefully this will help.

      Secondly, I tried to access the PostgreSQL database but I don't know the password :( . I've tried removing and reinstalling PostgreSQL but I need a password for that too. Any ideas how I can sort this?

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    • netsrak
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      The size for postgres you see in the programs is wrong. To see the real size you should check the properties of c:\programs\postgresql.
      And please check the size of the HEM configuration and parent database folder too. Its under c:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\holdemmanager (a hidden folder).

      The standard postgresql password HEM uses is postgrespass.