Beating NL5

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    • metza
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      If you can't beat it on 6 tables play 4
      If you can't beat it on 4 tables play 2
      If you can't beat it on 2 tables play 1.

      The whole point of multitabling is to increase your winrate. If your winrate is negative this is something you don't want to do.

      As for beating NL5, all you really need to do is just be aware of how many streets of value you can get from your hand and ensure that you don't go under or over this (a lot easier to do when you're in position). This differs depending on the opponent but basically don't be afraid to valuebet into someone who is calling, and don't overplay top pair hands against a raise, especially vs passive players.

      Don't worry about tricky hands or balancing, play your hand exactly as its strength dictates, since most of the players here are on level one thinking ("what cards do I have"), it really is as simple as playing your hands for their value at this level.

      NL10 is also not much different, but up until recently I made things far too hard for myself by overthinking things and assigning thought processes to my opponents that they were never actually thinking. The hand evaluation judges helped me realize how simple micros is. It's just about valuetowning. Sometimes your opponent will pick up two pair on the river and you end up valuetowning yourself and feeling like it's not the best play, but that's ok, just shake it off and continue because the times they don't will more than cover it.
    • YaMIzNoGouD
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      *If you feel like you can't keep up with the action by playing 6 table try to drop down to 4 or 2

      *Watch poker videos, Take notes and don't watch it passively

      *Post hands where you have questions, troubles or just a simple line check

      *Review your hands
    • Acespeci
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      thanks alot guys