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Play money vs real money

    • delete461
      Joined: 04.07.2008 Posts: 1,036
      Have been practising the short stack strategy and multi-tabling on pokerstars play money tables before i move on to the real thing. I am playing NL 100/200 where the min buy in for the tables is 4,000 play chips - stars only gives you 1,000 to start with so my opponents are not complete muppets who just stumbled into the site, they are at least good enough to beat low stakes play money tables. I noticed the game get harder when i moved from 5/10 playmoney to 100/200 - how big is the gap between high stakes play money games and low stakes real money?
      Also, the other day in a one hour session I played just over 100 hands using SSS, and made 'profit' of 40,000 playchips - about 200BB/HH. Do crazy swings like this ever happen in real money games?
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    • brian997
      Joined: 07.04.2008 Posts: 475
      Play money is a real farce, other than the rules of the game, there aren't too many things similar with real money :P
      But I'll answer your questions and try to give some advice.
      Every level of real money games gets harder and harder. Preflop play is always the same, but its the difficult decisions you have to make postflop that make the difference. Its virtually impossible to play SSS at any limit over $0.50 Big Blinds, because there are no full ring (10 seat) tables, they are all 6 seat tables. As a result you lose your edge by paying the blinds more often which eats your profits.

      Swings are a massive part of real money, my personal worst (also the worst I've seen on these forums), was 37BI's down. They take a real toll on your emotions, and it becomes harder to play properly.

      The only thing I use play money tables for are to get used to the software, thats about it.