2X Your VIP status -- BrnozeStar tourney

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      Today i played the 2X Your VIP status --BronzeStar tourney at PokerStars, that gives the posibility to move one rank higher or two (the first place). It was one very important tourney.

      My last hand:

      Preflop:I was early position with KK,my stack around 6000 chpis and i rase 3 BB 300 chips. All fold (beacuse all other players were siting out do not know why) Button calls. (Button stack: around 14000)

      Flop: Q 5 9
      (there was not a flush draw). I bet the pot button cals.

      Turn: 7
      (now thare was a flush draw) so I bet the bot again to protect the hand. Button calls.

      River: 2
      (now there was no flush) I was pot comitet and I went all in. ((he was player who played every hand and was calling my bets all the time thats why i went all in.I was hoping that he will call me. I put him on QA or just Ax)) Button cals.

      Hero shows: KK
      Button shows: 9 2 offsuit

      I was so angry at him. I do not undearstend how it is posible to call with that hand. Please tell me where I did a mistace.

      sry for my bad English
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