Questions about zoom/rush

    • Tsukk
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      Im coming back to zoom/rush regular grind and I have a few questions.
      If somebody could answer them I would be one bronze star :)

      1. Where is it better atm in terms of soft pool/better profit - pokerstars or fulltilt?( are the smaller sites like unibet etc even considerable?)

      2. When I was playing (needed cashout a set amount ) I was about 2bb/100 on NL10 on sample of cca 250k hands - what would you recommend me to do?
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    • elchipriota
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      Doesnt make much different Imo. Play where there is enough traffic.

      I play on stars and ratio of reg/fish is fine.

      Continue playing NL10 until you have a broll for NL25, be a bit aggressive on your roll imo as the rake bettween NL10 and NL25 has a big difference.