DownTurn in basic SSS (Leo258 any advice?)

    • SecurityDrew
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      Hi Leo

      How's the new job going? Missed having the coaching last weekend. Sat in on one of Xarry's sessions He is a master.

      Having a bit of a downturn presently. My bankroll is down about 50%. Read some of the forums and came across MintJelly and saw some of the stats from Helmanicks. Realized I was playing a little loose. Here is my overall summary:

      So I have been concentrating on tightening up over the last couple of days and have achieved the following:

      My question is what should my WTS be? I notice mine is higher than what is recognized as "normal" in the beginner analysis chart. Am I too loose post flop? I am trying to fix my leaks and currently following SSS to the T.

      Thanks for your help
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    • Leo
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      Another one I missed Drew ;(

      Job is going fine, thanks... Just really busy! Ya, xarry2 rocks. If you need quick answers here, I can really suggest you to post this on the SSS hand judging section, as handjudges look there every day. Being in the Dutch community a lot, I sometimes forget to look out for these threads.

      Sorry I missed it mate.

      Take care,