Improving Cash Game with SnGs?

    • cheekopeh
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      Firstly, sorry if my title doesn't make sense. :D

      I recently paired my PS acct with FT and got the $20 Ring Game ticket. My account also has a whopping $0.43 in it with around 6,500 FT points.

      I decided to use up all my points to play the 15FTP Freeroll 9man Super-Turbo to win the $0.50 SnG Ticket.

      1) Which variant of SnGs should I play? I play primarily on Zoom so just thought it would be fun to try SnGs when I don't feel in the mood to grind or study cash. I read that HUSNGs help with handreading and puts you in lots of marginal spots with marginal hands. I think that can help with my Zoom game.

      I'm looking to improve my cash game play here so if anyone could suggest which variant of SNGs will help I will greatly appreciate it!

      2) With my $20 Ring Game ticket, what is the best limit to play to build my bankroll? Immediately sitting in at NL25 Game, or maybe playing a NL5/NL10 game with a few BIs? I've never played the SSS before but I think it will work greatly on NL10 when I buy-in for 20bbs. I will have 25BI then. And I can cash out whenever I double-up. Any suggestions?
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