Turbo $1 SNG adjustments

    • hyppolito
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      Hi Guys,

      I'm from Brazil and I'm loving the content of the site and my game is improving. But I have one concern.

      On the limits that I'm playing ($1 SNG), the blinds go up too fast. On Party Poker, we don't have SNG with blind up every 5min. It's every 3 min.

      With this, what kind of adjustments should I do to my hand selection, qhen I have >24 BB? Should I continue folding AT TJ suited and so on?

      I've seen that the players on this table are extremely loose, and I think that I can be ahead with AT, as almost all of them play any A.

      Last one. Where I can find the deck used by "thenose" on his videos? I found the table layout, but not the deck.

      Thanks for your help.

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    • TribunCaesar
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      I'll move your thread to the right forum, so you'll get more answers.
    • sirilidion
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      I think the best thing is keeping too the chart. Let them by aggresive and when you finally get a hand make them pay. The really important thing about the turbo's is a good understanding of icm, when too push and when too fold. This is so because when the blindlevels move up so fast you will be in the push or fold fase in no time.

      If players are loose it is just more profitable too play tight this is only more reason too stick too the chart.

      I think the biggest problem with the low sng levels is the high rake. which makes it only harder too make profit on these levels.