Have been playing NL10 for a few days so far. I have noticed that it is so much harder to get value from hands. People like to float flop but fold alot to turn cbet when I have a hand. But when I double barrel they call alot. It is very frustrating so far.

Most players are really bad players at where I play (pacific) but I find it hard to get value from big hands and I put myself in difficult spots very often because some players are spewy. But amazingly they are never spewy when I have a hand...

Maybe I'm just unlucky so far ( been missing lots of flops with hands like AJ+ multiway and hitting sets on wet boards which scare others away when I raise) Been in many many spots where I should give up which I find irritating.

I'm thinking I should play super tight (even tighter than 15/13 since they are way too loose) and play like a nit, but that is so robotic and win rate can become pathetic.

Or should i switch to SH. Should be fishy too and somehow my decisions go my way more often at SH..