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Cash or SNG?

    • TooSickMan
      Joined: 16.01.2013 Posts: 73
      What path should i take?I like both and i know sngs has higher prizes and cash is a long journey.But i dont know how long can i take bad days playing sngs sessions?

      Need opinions please
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    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378

      i don't play SnG so i'm obviously biased towards cash, but... hey ho!

      SnGs are supposedly the best and quickest way to build a roll @ the micros... that said, variance is much higher and i've spoken to people who play SnGs and the swings are just sick. but its good to keep in mind that variance isn't necessarily a bad thing and it goes both ways (apparently :rolleyes: )

      i won't say cash is more difficult because i have never properly played/studied both, but it looks like it relies heavily on postflop skill compared to SnGs, especially if you play 6max or HU, whereas in SnG your stack will be much shallower and so most hands will be decided by the turn.

      also, pokerstrategy has a much larger number of cash game material and so you have a ton of resources for cash. that said, the materials for SnGs are still growing and not neglected by any means. also there are many PS members who have obviously done very well in SnGs.

      it's really down to personal preference and nobody can tell you what you would like. instead you should try out both. start learning cash and if you get bored, try out SnGs - then you'll know for sure. but if you want my advice, play cash :P

    • TooSickMan
      Joined: 16.01.2013 Posts: 73
      Thats the thing,cash game is what i prefer.Before i decided to stick with the sng strategy to build my BR i played alot of cash game,HE,PLO.But i played sessions of HE,PLO in one day.And the next day i only played regulars.I needed a direction.

      I Stopped for a while,about a week,thinking what should i decide,otherwise i would just blow up my bankroll,i decided sngs were the way to make it grow.Until i got about some k's for then change to cash game.

      And yes,ive been playing only sngs for last weeks and i can say im getting a bit bored,specially when i have bad days.Today i played 20 sngs,i think i played my best game on all,and got so many bad beats on deep stages and it made me sick.

      And im always watching some cash game table of higher limits just because i enoy it.But for now..i think sngs/tournaments would give me better prizes(if i win ofc) to make my BR bigger

      Im still lost,i have friends who play but they arent the type of study poker guys,if u know what i mean :D
      They mock me cause i try to do it instead of just playing,but im used to that :f_biggrin:

      I wanted to see more videos and stuff w/e cash game or sngs,i think both are good for all situations

      Jeeeeez,wrote so much,sorry bro.Just need a direction,thats all,someone who trully makes a living from poker on cash game
    • liguolong
      Joined: 18.03.2010 Posts: 731
      I think sngs are better. But very personally since I started earning a decent amount of money from sngs at the start. Those games are easier for me and I remember having over 20% roi in micro-low stakes sngs on full tilt.

      Another reason i don't like cash is that the rake is quite high relative to possible ROI. I think at microstakes full ring, the rake is like 8bb/100 and will be higher at 6max
    • TooSickMan
      Joined: 16.01.2013 Posts: 73
      Like i said,i only want sngs to grow BR for now..but im finding it quite boring..and i dont want to play push/fold for months cause few months ago i played alot of cash games.

      Dont know it its worthy to start playing cash right now,the numbers will seem too small,dont understand this incorrectly.Its not that i im not humble its just cause i think i just cant do certain plays in super micro limits and i will get mad a couple of times there -.-
      I saw alot of difference when i played 0.1 0.2 cents,5/10 and then 10/25.

      Thing is,if this sng strategy goes well,it will give me a nice br for then play cash.

      Thanks for your post mate
      Would like to know who makes a living of cash game and what thoghts he has to give me