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    • grim789
      Joined: 20.02.2013 Posts: 6
      Question 1) My motivation for playing poker is that i would like to really learn the game to the fullest extent. I really enjoy learning the game there is much more to it than i originally thought until discovering this website. I really would like to develop my skills overtime and eventually feel comfortable enough to play in high stakes. My main motivation is like most i really want to make some extra money maybe one day enough money to live off of. Another motivation is i would really like to go to wsop and compete one day im only 19 about to be 20 so i got a little more than a year to learn as much as i can before i hit the casino. Looking forward to studying on the site.

      Question 2) I believe that my weaknesses are wanting to play to many hands. I have been improving on it. I also believe one of my main weaknesses is understanding bankroll management even though i have not really got to the information on it understanding the games what games i should play in how many big blinds. There are a few other weaknesses but those are just what i am improving on by reading and watching the videos on the site.

      Question 3) It means that to play tight and aggressive you only play cards that you know will be strong and have a good outcome on post flop. And when you know you have a strong hand and are positive to a certain extent that what you are holding will beat everyone else hand on the table. To play aggressive and bet call and raise properly.
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