PokerHeaven Bad beat tables

    • Mantelo
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      Hey guys,

      I recently found some mismatch in PokerHeaven software and HoldemManager about Bad Beat tables.

      Statement from PokerHeaven Room:
      "The jackpot contribution of 50 cents is collected only once during the hand"

      So HoldemManager counts those 50 cents as a rake, which PokerHeaven doesn't. Now it doesn't make sense in using "Rakeback and bonuses" menu in Settings tab, cause the graphs will be inaccurate and overrated.
      Is it possible that this issue will be solved somehow in forthcoming updates? At the moment the only closest solution I see is set rakeback at 0 and add the rakeback as a bonus at the end of the month.
      Or maybe there is any other way to correct this?

      Looking forward to Yours answer,
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