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roachru From Russia With Love

    • roachru
      Joined: 27.01.2007 Posts: 20,474
      Hi, My name's Ilya, I'm 26 years old, I'm from Moscow and I'm alcoho... no-no-no... I'm a poker player. I suppose even a proffesional poker player, because this activity brings me money last 7 years and I've never worked in any another place :f_p:

      A bit of biography:

      I've been playing poker since 2006. Yeah-yeah... I'm pretty old and pretty bad :f_biggrin:
      I started in FL discipline in 2006 and later in 2007 I changed it on BSS and MTT.

      Between 2008 and 2010 my summary profit was nealy 70k$ in 2 years (cash + rakeback + bonuses + mtts), I was playing NL200-400/MTTs 109+ and moreover - I've been working on PokerStrategy (RU) since 2007 as translator (DE), coach and hand evaluator.

      Graphic from one of my accounts from those happy times:

      But in the autumn 2010 I've caught a hard downswing on TitanPoker account on 20k$ on nl200-400 with EV shortfall nearly 40 BI. I still was student at this moment and that was a hardest punch for my psychological state. Some time I was trying to return in game, but results was nearly zero profit ( + raceback :f_biggrin: )

      That was hard times, when in poker sphere on Russian still wasn't a good materials about psychology in poker and players in community with the same experience. That was knockdown for me.

      So, I've decided to sort all my poker knowledges in original way and after 1 year of hard working in autumn 2011 I've written exellent poker book on Russian with big part of poker mathematic.

      This book had a big success in Russian Poker Community and in 2011-2012 I sold more then 1.000 copies, what surely give me a bigggg profit :f_cool:

      But all this time (2011-2012) I didn't try to return in Cash Games seriously. Sometimes I was playing MTT's and sometimes, when I have a lot of free-time, especially in winter, surely :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: I was trying to play from different accounts nl100-200 for bonuses, but with zero profit (+ rakeback and etc. :f_biggrin: )

      Honestly, today I don't see my future in poker. Actually, I'm creative person, and all my life I want to become musician, actor, writer and etc. But poker at the start seemed like a very romantic profession and a good money to create a base for poor musician or writer in the future :f_biggrin: And I'll not hide - that was a great and funny time :f_biggrin: but not today for me, when it's just a countless grind at home in front of your PCs :f_frown: That's just not mine.

      Tell you a secret, since last year I've been studing languages and want to become a writer in the nearest future :f_o: That's silly, isn't it? :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: Poker play, poker book and work on Pokerstrategy helped me to buy some property in Moscow and that's a good profit per month for rent here and after my language study I can calmly start write a books :f_biggrin:

      BUT in 2013:

      I want to try to beat my last poker challenge I want to prove my students and my haters, that I'm not just exellent theoretic of poker, and I still can beat BBS middle-stakes game on all limits NL50-NL400 in new field conditions. :f_cool:

      My in game problems:

      I suppose, that I'm really good at poker theory and mathematic, but last 2 years I'm really bad in online game on the tables. I can't concentrate, I can't find motivation for playing on long distance, for learning.

      Also, I suppose, I haven't some required natural skills - perseverance, attentiveness and observation.

      And the most important one - I can't make good decisions in a limited time.

      -> My biggest problem - I'm very good in poker theory and mathematic on all streets, BUT on the real tables my brain does not have enough time to imagine a ranges of my opponents. In this way my game often is oriented just on stats and default decisions. My brain don't want to imagine and analyse full ranges in a limited time :f_frown: I'm good in evaluation hands on forum, but apparently bad in real game :f_frown:

      Should I play less tables?

      But I have a big bankroll, and I've playing poker for 7 years... that's millions of hands in FL, NL, Omaha, MTTs. That's so boring... :f_biggrin: I'm a bit tired of it :f_biggrin: That's not so fun, like 5 years ago.

      And I can't make myself play 4-5 tables. And distance that you play in this way for a month - 20-30k hands :f_confused: while life passes by :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin:

      So, I'm playing 7-11 tables (average 8) and after session I really see mistakes, that I do. I have a lot regulars friend who easy play 8-16 tables, but I can't do it profitable, like they. They all are very good at remembering details in the game, remember who, when and how it played. My brain does not want to work in this way :s_confused:

      Another big problem - at this moment I haven't confidence in my game, because much time has passed from the times, when I beat BSS in 3 PTBB, and there was like a 4-5 attempts to return on NL100-200 in 2011-2012, but after 20-30k hands with zero or minus profit I've everytime lost motivation to play.

      And you know - when you play so long time and you earn enough money for yourself - that's a really hard to find a motivation to further learning. I suppose, that this problem is familiar to many experienced players

      That's one of the reasons, why this time I started from NL50 and decided to take part in Bootcamp event :f_biggrin:

      My goals and currently situtation:

      In February I started from NL50. I played nearly 70k hands in this month with 2 PTBB (+ rakeback :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: )

      I want to improve my skills on this Bootcamp and I will still play nl50 (70-100k hands) in March. In April I'll start on NL100 and I want to try to reach NL200 in June after 150-200k hands on NL100, if it'll be profitable, surely.

      Another important goal - I've been studying English since 2012 :] And I'm pretty sure, that's a good practice to improve it on the way to fluent level of communication :s_cool: So, I'll be grateful for evaluation my level of language in this blog =) So, don't hesitate to ask again and indicate my gramma mistakes :s_biggrin:

      By the way, if my text sounds impolite, rude or arrogantly, then that just my bad English :f_cry: In fact, I'm very kind, positive and open person :f_biggrin:

      I hope Bootcamp event will help us to achieve our goals.

      Good Luck to All of Us. And thank you all for help and communication :f_biggrin:

      Let's have fun.

      Sincerely yours, Ilya.
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    • dushili
      Joined: 04.05.2009 Posts: 3,413
      Hi Roach, I think we have same goals in thise project ;) gl
    • roachru
      Joined: 27.01.2007 Posts: 20,474
      2 dushili

      Ty, u2 =)

      * talk to myself *

        RP = roachru pragmatist
        RD = roachru dreamer

      RP: "Well, time to start studying, men"
      RD: "Oh, come on, that so boring. I'm tired of it"
      RP: "We should end our challenge"

      * music's playing in the background * "Be a men, We must be swift as the coursing river, Be a men, With all the force of a great typhoon..." (c)

      RD: "Bro, we should try writing to achieve our dream, and you're still wasting time for stupid money earning. We don't need it, bro"
      RP: "That's not for money, that's for prove"
      RD: "Come on, what for?"
      RP: "Hey, we decided to be part of it, so we can't give up in first day"
      RD: "I ever didn't like you, downer..."

      Let's start.

      A low red line

      Today I checked some top grinders in Top Winners on PTR.

      Conditions of searching: IPoker, NL50, this year. ('em-winners-year/0.25-0.50-NL)

      After it I've cheked their graphs and stats in mine database. And I've found some bad news for us (us = neat regulars) :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: :f_biggrin: ):

      Stats: 25/20 3bet 9 WTSD 28 WWSF 51 AF 2.17 ?( ?( ?( AFq 52

      Stats: 28/21 3bet 8 WTSD 29 WWSF 49 AF 2.45 AFq 53

      Stats: 19/16 3bet 7 WTSD 26 WWSF 47 AF 3.62 AFq 55

      Stats: 24/21 3bet 11 WTSD 27 WWSF 54 AF 3.33 AFq 58.

      • Do it means, that for profit game today you should have a hi-red line? Or not? Or that's just regulars in short distance upswing, when you just easily win all pots :f_biggrin:

        All of this guys have WWSF nearly 50+ and AFq 52+ :f_cry:

        Note: AFq% in PT4 higher, then Aqq% in HM, because in PokerTracker this parameter isn't included Checks.

      • Could I still have win rate in nowadays with low-red line?

        My own graphic looks on this background like a silly dinosaur.

        If the answers: 1) Yes 2) No - then we should be think about sourses of losses on the low red line.

      Sourses of losses on the red line.

      • 1) Mainly: Folds in Blinds (especially vs steals). But actually I'm trying to fight for my blinds pretty hard :f_biggrin: (3bets: BB vs SB = 16%, BB vs BU = 15%, SB vs BU = 12%, Fold BB vs SB = 54%)

      • 2) Obviously: low barreling when we are PFA.

        Now deeply:

      • 3) Thin valuebets in spots, when we often got obviously check\raises by opponents and we folded our hand without SD.

      • 4) Bad barreling without FoldEquity vs weak players, whom didn't fold and we lose on SD, instead of win without SD.

      • 5) Playing "Fit of Fold" in big pots.

      • 6) Leaks: Fold vs 3bets, Fold vs 4bet, Contbet/Fold, Check/Fold vs loose opponents.

      • 7) Overrating range loose opponents - fat and thin folds vs agression. (Hm, but like it looks for me on Nl50 iPoker - there're only few pushes, potbets and overbets without value).


      Oh, cr@#, I could invent a lot of reasons... :f_biggrin: I'm prefering stop it.

      Anyway. What do you think about my questions above. What your mainly ways to lift up your red line? Where do you think you're losing to much without SD, and how are you wining a lot of pots without SD?

      Oh, and addition:

      How may influence our table selection on red-line?

      Simply, I select tables very carefully and I play only tables with 1 or 2 fishes under me. Moreover, if I have similar choise of tables with weak players, then I'm choose a table with weak regulars after me (low 3bets, low VPiP/PFR, low AF, AFq) .

      I suppose, that in this condition it's more harder to bluff and lift up red-line. Or not?

      Hm, by the way, on my tables - maybe I'm losing my blinds too often in limped pots, when I'm playing check in BB vs fish openlimps from CO, BU, SB... hm hm hm... it could be one of the reasons...
    • ErikStenqvist
      Joined: 14.01.2013 Posts: 431
      Hey roachru !

      My name is Erik and I will be part of the coaching staff focusing on Tilt, A-Game, Mindset, and Lifecoaching. So if you have any questions I will have a thread up soon where you can easily let me know if you updated your thread with anything I might be able to help out with. I'll be trolling around the forums but just so i don't miss anything. :)

      Hey read through the post and your motivational issue sure seems to be holding you back from playing and making money. And since you already have a big bankroll etc and might want to move over to writing and so on the incentive for you to play might not be as high as for other players. However, if we change perspective on poker and why we play and make the game into something other than only grinding and making money we might have some new opportunities to make the game fun again.

      For example you can really start to make the game about you as a person and how you are reacting to the game of poker. If you take a step back form yourself and yours situation and try to take the roll of "the coach" maybe things will look a bit differently. How is roachru being affected negatively by the game? How is your personality shining through when you play? Ask yourself some tough questions and try to single out a few things you want to address.

      I can tell from personal experience that my old approach to poker (hesitancy, fear, and self doubt), even though i have changed a ton in the last few years, stills how up when writing articles etc. I'm not saying its the same for you but its worth taking some time and think about it. Poker can be so much more than just grinding and money, it can be the arena where you can practice on removing negative emotion, being non reactive to those emotions and removing old boring negative thought patters.

      GL1 :)
    • Qurion
      Joined: 30.07.2009 Posts: 846
      Hi Roach, good luck with improving your game.
    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952
      Hi there Ilya,

      I would also like to help you overcome your motivation problems!

      As Erik already mentioned, it is hard to motivate yourself if you only think about poker as a money-making machine (and you have enough money).

      So switching the perspective to other things in poker can help you a lot. Of course it really depends on what kind of a person you are. Some enjoy the mathematical aspect of poker, some enjoy being better than the others, some enjoy solving tough spots and others just love the challenge of the game. You can also use poker as an opportunity to increase your determination and will power, learn to control your emotions, think outside the box, etc. - the opportunities are limitless!

      I think that a very good thing that you can do is to write down your vision and mission (in your blog or in a word document or on a piece of paper...), and try to be as specific and detailed as possible.

      Then, you can review it:

      1. daily in the morning (to remind yourself what you want and how you can get it, + motivate yourself to do it)

      2. daily in the evening (to hold yourself accountable - you should write down (in this blog for example) if you lived in line with your mission and vision, what you did good and what could be better, and any possible problems that you had)

      3. whenever you feel demotivated/lazy (to remind yourself what you really want and stop wasting the time :) ).

      I suggest that you review it every morning, every evening and whenever you feel demotivated for at least 2 weeks to make it a habit.

      Let us know how it goes!

    • ShyPh
      Joined: 15.01.2005 Posts: 133
      Hi roachru,

      You sure had an interesting journey in your poker career. Looks a little bit like mine, although my DS was not as big as yours and I'm was playing limit at the time. But both our stories show how much the game has evolved and how much harder it has become to win.

      Will definately be following your progress. Also, do you play speed poker on iPoker? If so, we must have crossed paths.... :D .

      Good luck at the felt!
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi Ilya,

      Justa quick reminder that if you use your thread it encourages others to post and keeps it current. :)

      I hope your learning is going well and you're enjoying your time in Bootcamp. :)

      Have fun,

    • Jatzek3
      Joined: 30.10.2009 Posts: 1,361
      Hi Roachu

      I skimmed through your posts in Kill The reg section and realy liked it i hope that you will post more of them

      I read your blog, and your poker experience is very long in comparison to mine, i thyink that it isnt skill problems that you are challenging with. Becouse you play for long time and have plenty of time to learn, so i think its more psychological problem, which im sure that you will be able to overcome with the help of PS coaches Schnitzlefish and Erik.

      GL :)
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi Ilya,

      Any progress update on your motivational question? Did you get to writing a vision and Mission' statment for yourself? Has it had any positive impact?
      Let us know here when you get time.

      Forward march, :)